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THANKS TO ALL FOR MAKING OUR MOVE SO SEAMLESS.YES, WE ARE STILL AMID BOXES, DUST AND NO INTERNET BUT WE ARE GRATEFUL, THE PHONES AND LIGHTS ARE w give thanks....We are grateful for all the helpful hands....thanks to the Versan family...people power. Moving can be so traumatic!But we are up and running.We are happy to see the summer interns rolling in...Zara Williams, who finished her term at Miss Hall's in Massachusetts with a 2100 on her SAT's and a high GPA. Ariana Kumst who made Tufts University summer program and is Varsity Swimming, Softball and Volleyball at St. Timothy's.The invasion of Nereese Watson, Rebecca Hugh from Milton Academy and St. Margaret's ...welcome home...To Fanshawe College coming to visit us at Versan from Canada, next Wednesday at 10 a.m.- welcome.To Justin Hamilton who passed his aviation test and is now a licensed private pilot. Go Justin!To our Mobay student Tahgera Clayton who received a full scholarship to South Carolina State University...To Jason Lawson who finally opted for the famous Quaker school in Pennsylvania: The George School..To Iyanda Channer-Newman who got her first financial aid package at West Nottingham....go our Verbal queen...hailing from Manchester High school...To Christopher Rowe who made it into Marianapolis with funding.....To those still looking for a summer session, there is the fabulous Ross School Summer Program in Long Island...Deadlines for the Ross School is July 18.And summer is officially here....oh boy, and we have a few partitions to get up for classesin July. Registration is brisk and again, we give thanks.See you all next Wednesday.....will post pictures when our internet is fully up in office.

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