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So as we wish the old space goodbye at 134 Constant Spring Road, we welcome the new! As we said goodbye to students at the Farewell Ceremony, it seems this has been the period for much closure. Parents have attended graduation ceremonies overseas as one batch completed local graduation ceremonies and those overseas do likewise as well. Here are pictures of the new office space so you all do not get lost.

The Telstar building is there to give you the visual indicator as to where to turn and then we are on the right!

We were also enthused by the audience turnout for the farewell. Glad they found it informative and quirky, what with the awards section...Liam Neath, your gift is at the office as well as The Thakuranis. Those who need a list of items for their dorm rooms...come see us....

We should be officially at our new location by June 2. Phones are the same....

The Farewell Ceremony in full blast! The "long goodbyes" were explained away for all those doting mothers who do not know how to pull away.

Road indicators to office.jpg

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