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What can I say? Blame it on moving? Blame it on planning the Farewell Ceremony for students I will see for the almost last-"est" time? Together? Of course I will see you individually, but not all together! Next week, we promise you pictures of the new building! I will miss this group. Fabulous, they were......sorry to see them go...but what to do? I keep getting the usual "What do I wear on Sunday?" Just look elegantly nice....but do not wear jeans, nor shorts...nor tank We will discuss many things: Separation issues Items required for your rooms Presence on campus How to make money How to safe-guard your scholarships... Need I go on....Be there or be square! It will be tearful, reminiscent of great things...and my last chance to thank everyone for a year well-spent. Whether all dots are in place, t's crossed or not, still awaiting decisions, you have to be there! VISAS The dates keep bouncing back and forth. Some students came yesterday for visa processing and we got July. Today I got June 3 and 16th. Go figure, for visa appointments. So we are bouncing between June and July, May seems to be over. So get those I-20 forms and we are ready to begin. WOLMER"S As you all know I boast about my alma mater from time to time. The crest has been raised and thus when you drive past the school on Marescaux road, look left (on the Junior side) and you will see our new crest posted atop the building beside National Water Commission. Age Quod Agis Wolmer's on your 285th Anniversary. SCHOOLS TO REVIEW There are two boarding schools with space and some funding. Do review :Stanstead College in Quebec, Canada. In Illinois, Lake Forest Academy. SUMMER CAMPS The ones to note are Dr. Maxine Gossell-Williams Basic Medical Sciences camp at UWI, to die for and well loved by students. The Filmmaking Camp at UWI is also quite interesting. And who does not want to learn Mandarin at the Confucius Institute?

Just some hints on what to do for build those resumes and do what you like. CONGRATS To Dominic Chang at WPI who made a 3.7! To Jaquille Jones at Dartmouth who got a Presidential Scholarship for Film Studies. David Bailey made Laval University in Quebec and Dalhousie in Halifax. Go Mobay students. Ashli McLure made Embry Riddle University. Siddhant Grover got into University of Chicago Summer Program. To all my kids who graduated on May the US, molto bene! The tears at seeing you all accomplish....over 4 years...widwow! Thanks Dutty Berry....

Graduation Pics of Naim.jpg

Here is Naim Habib's photo from his school, WPI for Biomedical Engineering...and to Rushell, and Taniesha and all my Versan students, graduates of 2014-congratulations! Robyn from NYU Law School....all my delightful kids....Boarding, College and Grad schools, again, holy cow, we all did it: Parents, students and wee old us here.

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