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Jamaica experienced a small shudder of an earthquake. It portends things to come. Mexico had a devastating one and we technically rest on the same fault line. The earthquake is a metaphorical backdrop to our economy, cash illiquidity, state of financial aid for a few, still on a wait list, Pyrrhic victories for others (made it into a good school, minus the aid)....these are the dark clouds hovering for those who started well, aced their exams and have a dreary outlook as we speak. Have we faced these clouds before? But of course! Have we prevailed? Yes....but not with outcomes we set out to have had at the beginning. Life unfolded for us, over the years, in incongruent patterns. We may have received a last minute school to apply to, veered course, rushed in the application and ta-da! We got in with quasi-funding. Or, parents receive an epiphany and say, let us wait a year, go for a better score and try again...sometimes to even better results...Or we go, do an excellent year overseas, transfer or reapply for aid to a beneficial end....Moral of our lesson, each family will have a different solution to the dilemma. As for those on waitlists, a Plan B is necessary. So, in the stillness of the moment, while we wait for the clouds to disappear, we huddle in faith, pray and of course, channel all avenues until we have a "solution" for each family. GOOD NEWS Our new address is 2 Goodwood Terrace, Unit 6, Kingston 8. The phone numbers will remain the same. Some dust, moving in of furniture for June...but classes will be up and running in July, the start of our summer program. MidSpring has been our home for a few years....but this move is a better one for the plans afoot and ahead. We also congratulate Marion Cole's article that made Flair this Monday, we see the family in full gear. Good show. Jason Forbes, our comedian of SSAT has made it into St. George's, British Columbia. All hail Jason! We congratulate Iyanda on her 89% in Verbal, Josie on her 84% in Math on the recent SSAT results poll. FAREWELLS We said goodbye to "Miss Bets" last Saturday at Covenant Church, HWT. A nice ceremony, all in pink, her favorite color. We say goodbye to one of Wolmer's stalwart History teachers, Ms. Mattos, who had taught all my sisters, save me, travel well, Ms. Mattos. We say goodbye to MidSpring Plaza. Change is necessary and vital. These are the seasons of life. We go with the flow.


To Hakeem, our top SSAT student for 2014 - Congrats!

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