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Good luck to all our students sitting the CSEC and CAPE exams. Let me remind all of you, that though you have been accepted to your schools, you still must complete meticulously these exams. They are important in the scheme of things.

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Mr. Morrison has just been "on a proverbial roll" with school visits. Here he is with our last school visit for the season - the girls of Marymount High. He finished April on a high with Carron Hall, St. Mary's High, Marymount ...and feels he is on a true tour of Jamaica! But we are just as excited as he with the "March on Schools" initiative. To Meadowbrook, Eltham High, STATHS, Queen's, Calabar, Immaculate, St. Andrew's, Wolmer's Girls', WBS, Camperdown, Gaynstead, Ocho Rios, St. Jago, Glenmuir, Manchester High, El Instituto de Mandeville, Westwood, Bishop Gibson, York Castle, UWI- Mary Seacole Hall,Tivoli, Merlegrove, Charlemont, St. George's College, Alpha Academy, St. Hugh's....and forgive me if I failed to mention a few....Summer enrollment appears brisk!

HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all teachers and Guidance Counselors we have worked with through the years.....

Hope all went well for the test takers on Saturday past. Our SSAT results for April were not so bad, save one! Grrr! But, we still march on...


Joanna Saddler -School of Architecture, Germany

Jevaughn Jackson - Rider University (NJ)

Justine Braham - Fairleigh Dickinson

Denique Dennis- University of Miami/Queen's University of Charlotte


University of Alberta (Canada) will be in town tonight, Spanish Court Hotel, 7 p.m. Be there or be square....

Again, I had hoped to include a rose from my garden but I will send it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Congrats to Calvin Wright who made Head Boy of St. George's College. He is a part of Team 2400 and I do believe (running goat mouth) that this is a team to beat. Their dedication and determination is unparalleled. Where is the picture, Calvin, of the knight's out fit?

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