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Yes, so much much happening...acceptances are still in place. ACCEPTANCES Boarding Schools Iyanda Channer - West Nottingham Purnell And our young upstarts took their SSAT test and came out smiling....thank you for the complimentary emails and the fact that you thought it was easier than my tests. Ahoooa! COLLEGES And my troopers head to Priory to do their SAT exams this Saturday. Some need to get into the Reading Comprehension more but overall, it is possible to swing some decent results. Hit the books guys! And those for the June exam, remember the final deadline is May 9. Walcott - University of Toronto And we hear that our three students from Dominica are accepted to Marianapolis! Good.... Shanique Bailey chose Vassar! Yaay! Julia Foote has decided on Pomona College...another California girl! GRADUATION CEREMONIES I have been invited to Bard University, University of Rochester...four years have slipped by so quickly. I am grateful that I have been considered...and oh, to the Reid family and the passing of the matriarch of the family, all our condolences. Your family has been loyal to Versan for years. May she rest in peace. And though this news arrived just before graduation....know that she wanted the best for her in all regards! And my babies have all grown up...I saw Shaun Smithson in the Observer on Sunday, a promising cardiologist who attended Vassar. How splendiferous.... Our Versan kids continue to fly... FLORIDA A&M UNIVERSITY The forms are in...we got them all off, whether by Fedex or by fax. So all those who applied, look out and expect a call from the Department of Environment. Thanks, Dr. Ibeanusi for considering us ..those 50 scholarships, 10 for the Master's and 5 for the PhD, still has spaces so those with great SAT scores and wish to pursue a scholarship with the Dept...note that May 15th is right around the corner. MANCHESTER HIGH We are coming for the summer. On our many calls from Mandeville. SCHOOL VISITS So Mr. Morrison has visited St. Andrew Technical, Carron Hall, Queen's, Meadowbrook, Bishop Gibson, St. Mary High, Marymount and he keeps rolling through the hills to fly the Versan flag, march on..... NEW SPACE Looking good - airy, big space.....Good. COUNTDOWN TO THE FAREWELL CEREMONY May 25th is the day at Mona Visitor's LODGE -5 p.m. Here is where we hand out the list of items for dorm rooms, cultural backdrop to studying overseas, handling the social pressures, et al... SHOUT OUTS To our two valiant soldiers at St. Mary's - Kristovajay and Ollando. hear you are true survivors. Congrats!

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