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So we must say goodbye to one of our earnest interns. Goodbye Ashli, it was wonderful having you on board. May the Animation world hold a bright future for you. And to those who have made their decisions, hooray! Maia Kumst has finally decided on Bement. I am happy. That is a great boarding school.... Kathryn Ho made it onto the Stanford Summer Orchestra...her dream school! Kenesha Darlington, our former St. Jago student, well, she has been accepted for her internship at Harvard University to do Cancer Research. Kenesha is currently at Mt. Holyoke on a full scholarship. Rochelle Walcott made it into University of British Columbia. Gina Cameron-TUrner went whew! and slid into Drew University. Natasha Dawkins of Ardenne was accepted into Bridgewater College. And to all my naysayers about Hawaii Prep and the distance, Sneha Nair just landed a big scholarship and we are oh so thrilled for her..... So I have a few pictures from my garden to salute these accolades. IMPORTANT MEETINGS Ma 4-9: University of Alberta (top 5 in Canada) is making their first recruitment trip to Jamaica. They will be visiting Versan to talk to our parents and students, possibly on the 5th. Also, I have been invited to lunch with an important person from Howard University. He wants to see more illustrious students from our shore attend! Around April 23....

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