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I am told by one of our readers that we must not "Hail the Ivys" as they come with many maladjustive behaviors, potboiler scenarios and are not quite the best fit for all...but we know that, don't we? Always said at our Parent's Seminar, Farewell ceremonies.....but we still think it is worthy of us to commend students who beat the long odds of getting in, whether they attend or not. So to all, CONGRATS, wherever you choose to go! It is good to have avid readers. Many are making decisions. Finally got, king procrastinator, Taro, to make his shot, he heads to Deerfield! And Julia has chosen Duke...and yet, many more are whittling down their final decisions...Shanique Bailey - Vassar? Or Amherst? Liam - MIT or Stanford? Decisions, decisions??? Our Alums To our student Raianne Demetrius: She continues to fly the Versan flag high. Her GPA went up in the Neurobiology Department at College of Wooster, her Cheerleading Team went Varsity and they have been invited to the Men's Basketball Team banquet....and best of all, she made the Wooster Inn program, so she heads to Greece next May. It is a program that allows our students to visit different countries....Go #Team Raianne!


Raianne Demetrius, a former St. Andrew's student, is at one of my favorite small liberal arts college, Wooster in Ohio-(great for academics, pre-medecine, swimming, Business, and bagpipes to boot! smile....)


Rebecca Hugh (in the rear) giving a "shout out" from her favorite softball team (in front of Starbucks Coffee) having decimated her competition in Virginia...go figure, Rebecca we did not see this side of you at Campion! Tell our Dominican student hi from us all in Jamaica, Josie.

On to a few pictures of some of our favorites:To Marian Cole, heading to Harvard for her Master's in Education.

image (4).jpeg

To a few of our boarding school stars who managed to secure some full scholarships (Rear: Chelsea Coubry-Forte and Christine Lee-Fatt -TheHockaday School, Chelsea is still deciding)Front: Taro Jones - Deerfield and Daniel Taylor - Oregon Episcopal...

image (5).jpeg

To a few of our College stars:

Vikram Khemlani (UPenn) and Theon Masters (Macalester)

Left - Julia Foote (Duke), Justine Murray (UPenn) and Gillian-Jo Taylor (Middlebury)

Might I add, these are some of the largest scholarships..go #Team Versan!

image (6).jpeg

And for the hiccup on the radio, during the broadcast at Calabar this morning, blame it on Ms. Randall's nerves! First time on Public radio.

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