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So the decisions roll in....and some students have made their decisions. We were blessed to have several students receive multiple acceptances. We are now asking them to release all other schools they were accepted to that they choose not to go to.Advise early that you will not be attending. Some lucky soul is on that wait list and could get off even earlier....(smile). Those on financial aid wait-lists, but accepted, your day is coming soon. The few who were on wait-lists, you know what to do...and if you don't, give me a call. March 30 is the big day for all parents and students accepted to boarding schools. We will meet to discuss visas, classes to be selected, laundry details, pocket money details, health insurance, payment plans, acculturating to the boarding school culture...and much more. Past boarding school parents will be present. They can provide us with invaluable insight...I know it is a Sunday evening and if I am not mistaken, we start at 5 p.m. Don't miss it! SBSA CONFERENCE Winston-Salem, North Carolina was cold. Friendships, networking and good food was the order of the day with over 300 boarding schools in attendance. SPECIAL MENTION So we have our dear Liam Neath (my fellow Chronixx lover) who gags the big Special mention award for MIT, COLUMBIA and UCHICAGO. Go Liam! All those essays we pored over for weeks.....and the financial aid details...all to a good end. Might I add he is our first to be summoned to Columbia for a special scholarship interview to add to what has already been a stupendous award... And to Hakeem Angulu who has earned the Headmaster's Award, copping over 12000 more in aid on what was a huge award. We love all those free frequent miles you were offered Hakeem to Choate Rosemary! And yes.....both boys hail from Campion. So Ardenne confers back the MIT title toCampion. But still in the legacy of Versan's reign at MIT for 15 years of placing students there. To Justin Hamilton in the picture who has made a 4.0 GPA this semester, who was accepted as a Resident Assistant, (90 applied and 16 accepted), who also passed stage check flight today and attached a picture of the sunrise before his flight this morning...we say, love you Justin and see you in the summer! Keep flying the Versan flag high! Dr. Victor Ibeanisu of FAMU is here to discuss scholarships to his university this Friday at Versan - rfrom 6-8 p.m. (Classroom) SCHOOL VISITS We have Gaynstead and St. Hugh's this week. Gaynstead was a delight. They listened, learnt and understood their options. ACCEPTANCES Liam Neath - Columbia, MIT, Wesleyan, UChicago Sherice Bramwell-Hofstra Matthew Munro - Howard University Hamish Hayden - Lawrence University Kamoya Kidd - Kutztown University Dominic Shoucair - University of Miami, Northeastern Taj Atkinson - IIT/RIT BOARDING SCHOOLS Christine Lee-Fatt - The Hockaday School Laura Chen - St. Johnsbury Giovanni Hui - St. Johnsbury Jordan Royer -McDuffie/Blue Ridge Dejaun Charles: Cheshire/Blue Ridge Shernirah Lendor: Christchurch/Montverde Francine Pascal: Wayland Congrats to the last 4 students who hail from the island of Dominica under Mr. Pascal's guidance. See you all next week with more news on the blog. Remember that the opportunities presented to us may not be so evident at the start, breathe deeply and allow the flow to be as easy as Sunday morning, then let time reveal its true purpose. You are supposed to be right where you are. You will see.....


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