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I have left the ship to visit the Boarding School fair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am surrounded by hundreds of schools. I am enthused about all the heads of Admission. I am relieved when I am greeted by all these smiles. We must be doing something right.The decisions have filed in. I am happy that we enjoyed a 96% percent placement for our boarding school group. What a great group. Where do I start with all these acceptances?Even those who joined us late, made it in....Geez! We are truly blessed this year. And more so, we were equally surprised by the grants.ListRomario Dunn - Hebron Academy/Cushing AcademyTaro Jones- Deerfield Academy and Cushing AcademyAlexandra Calder- Dana HallChristine Lee Fatt- Cushing and The Hockaday School and OldfieldsGabrielle and Sarita Chen- Cushing AcademyOren Palmer- Oregon EpiscopalHakeem Angulu- Cate and Choate RosemaryGiovanni Hui - St. Andrew's SewaneeKyle Ip - Bachman AcademyJanice Wang- Lake Forest AcademyJada Prendergast - Rothesay NetherwoodSydney Smith- CushingDaniel Taylor- Hawaii Prep/ Oregon Episcopal/MarianapolisAnd we are not done yet...College PlacementsDelroy Fong- Marquette UniversityKirkland Houston- Humber CollegeKaren Alfred- Smith College/ University of RochesterShari Patterson - Emory University, Univ of Minnesota, univ of YorkTiana Reid - FIU/St. Michael's CollegeAaron Liu- RIT/George MasonTaj Atkinson- IIT/RITMatthew Blake- Hampden SydneyDominic Shoucair- NortheasternAnd now for the big our fiercest award..for her doctoral degree...Marion Cole - Harvard University Graduate School of EducationAnd we are not done yet......keep reading next week....

This is Bluegrass Music in North Carolina.

20140312_175306 (1).jpg

With my friend Matt from The Woodhall School


Art at Salem College Arts Center


My tour guide at Salem Academy. She is from Zimbabwe


My Alpha girls!


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