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As Jamaica takes a well-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the financial wear and tear in Jamaica.....I have decided to add pictures from my garden suggesting God's handiwork....subtly hinting that despite the letters of rejection or acceptance that we receive, "every little thing is gonna be alright." Last week we mentioned our Yashika Thakurani of Westwood who was accepted to St. Margaret's and we give thanks for her Financial Aid package. Another humdinger of a scholarship. I see Tion Barnaby breeze into my office at 6 pm...and I wondered, what went wrong now? A few weeks ago, he thought we had not managed to get his application packages in. But miraculously, this week he was smiling. He had made it into the MBA program at Thunderbird. One of the most formidable programs in Arizona ...and despite the glut of MBA's on the market, he hit it running with a punch..also a whopper of a scholarship. Denise Martin, our ancillary worker, so used to seeing Tion at 6 in the evenings when she is cleaning, was there to hear the celebratory news.

wolmer's gift.JPG

And would you know University of Rochester has invited our illustrious student Liam Neath to fly up for the Renaissance scholarship. Our Versan students have won this four times, a scholarship valued at $75000 annually. And miracles of miracles, I have two past students, the Lewis siblings, one in New Zealand and one in the US completing their PhD programs. And Mom is a Professor at the renown Florida A&M University. The irony is that the Versan network goes far and wide. A team will be visiting to offer 50 scholarships to students pursuing the sciences, undergraduate and graduate. The past students had a hand in all of this. With scores above 1800 and GPA's of 3.0 and up, one of these full scholarships has your name written all over it. We will be ready to show them potential students for 50 scholarships. One other thrilling bit of data is that one of our dancers seems to be getting an early nod from Deerfield Academy. And Caroline Blaum has placed one of my favorite girls at the top of the pile at Oldfields. We will on this reflective day, we look at the glass half-full..... And we cannot hope to top that bounty of a The sole bad news is that I have failed to fall into my exercise routine. Shame. And not done my crossword puzzle for the day.

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