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So I am getting better. Not Saturday, not Friday, nor a week later....but one day next week...I make Wednesday?

Happy Birthday to my brother, Wilt in England, my sister, Winsome in New York, Bob Marley and my dear colleague, Brian Murray in Halifax, Canada at The Rothesay Netherwood School. See why I waited a day? I know, a cheap excuse. But blessings to everyone on his/her special day.


I am thrilled with my fifth formers at Immaculate. They were receptive to my visit and hands popped up all over for the Q&A section. Most humbled. But not to be outdone were the girls of St. Andrew's-amazing. Great...And did I mention the boys of St. George's? Look out Merlegrove on Friday and the Career Day at National Heart Trust.

The Versan bus is rolling through.....barreling through. So we have been forced to renegotiate the look of our website (that under construction is on for far too long we are aggressively seeking to change that moniker this year) and of course our students are raging on Facebook Versan as well as Twitter:versanorg. And yes, thanks to Wayne Longmore of Atlanta, that is going to be effected by March/April. Amen, we are on our way. So my frisky third former at St. George's, good ole Andrade says and where is your Instagram? Give an old lady a break, it is on its way. The young techies!!! Here we go from fountain pen and paper zooming into the 22nd century. Whatever happened to the art of writing? Can't they just slow it down? Guess not...


There is that 6'4" guy called Mr. Morrison, he is a lark and we refer to him as the taskmaster, he has come in from the cold of New York to put us into shape for 2014 and onwards. Over to Kelly Powell, also a current student who is our media controller and Whitney Clarke who is the person who ties up all loose ends. We do pray for the recovery of Ms. Martin's baby girl from the gruesome viruses teeming up and attacking our babies and also for the daughter of our driver who is equally suffering from the same ailment. Thank God for Shaggy and friends, Bustamante Hospital is seemingly overwhelmed but grateful that the $70 million is there as a supportive element.


Chelsea Coubry-Forte - Lakefield (in Canada)

Shanique Bailey -Western University (in Canada)


Our alumni network has revealed that Elaina Chai turned in her Master's Thesis at MIT and received an A for her paper on Electrical Engineering.

Chad Hucey at WPI made the Dean's List for his Major in Mechanical Engineering.


Our surprise was spoilt. Someone could not wake early enough. Who does that?

See you next week!

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