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Another Saturday....but a whirlwind of a week for the College students who kept me here late all week and with a defunct printer it made my life sheer misery. I must have added 8 lbs. of cortisol to adrenaline induced stress. Today is the deadline for some colleges and at 10 pm, last night, the mad rush began to complete these forms. Those still in the dark....I am aware there are a few, please use your College Board username and passwords to get in and register. When you register and input your state and college names, you will see the deadlines of your schools if you have not yet been notified by them. I have reduced a lengthy list of scholarships, secure and apart from the Scholarship Handbook put out by Kaplan and other publishers. Those who have completed their application forms, financial aid forms and sent off everything, now is the time to focus on external scholarships. So, come on down and start the new round of apps, the scholarship ones.... ACCEPTANCES Law Schools David Brown - George Washington Law School American University Law School Elaina Chai - An "A" for Master's Thesis at MIT in Electrical Engineering COLLEGES Nicola McDonald - Johnson and Wales Tahj Atkinson - Illinois Institute of Technology Peter-John Persaud - University of Manchester (London) Aleique Allen - Mercyhurst College BOARDING SCHOOL Chelsea Coubry-Forte - Stonybrook School So we are looking just great for Fall 2014! I suspect we may have a surprise on TVJ this Wednesday, look out! Elaina Chai-

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