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A Wednesday blog inconveniently written on a Saturday shows a steady decline into old age. Okay, so I am a realist. And I had not been prompted by Richelle Newby...and I have my reasons, as always..too busy.But the wait is well-deserved. So much to tell, so many tidbits of good news. So good, that I decided to wait a bit to render all the savoury details.And thanks Mr. Rowe for the provisions we received in the office, the juicy strawberry watermelon, the more than saccharine sweet cantaloupe, the near perfection for roasting sweet yam and I could continue, thanks. We enjoyed Christopher's company and we know that the recent outpouring of great news for him, 97% on his sitting of the SSAT was a windfall and an increase of gargantuan proportions. Congrats, Chris!But also to Chelsea whom I believe was too nervous on her first sitting. This is why the earlier one starts one's preparation, the better it is....well, a whopping 95% is glorious. All that pizza and jerk chicken went a long way. I love it. Congrats too, Chelsea.And did I mention, she made it into Purnell, a great boarding school in New Jersey!So we can boast for all our SSAT students, these spectacular grades of 99%, 97%, 95%, 93%, 90% - they made the winner's circle. Good going to one of my favorite classes teaching this year and last. They had a good laugh while learning, isn't this what it is all about?Need I mention my little techie from China, Jiarui Tang who madeit into Eaglebrook, his preferred choice. So happy for him...and I will not share the private joke from our English class which still has Tang laughing till today...thanks to the New Yorker article. Good going, too, Tang!I am still not done! With the good news that is...Christine Lee Fatt has gotten into school number two: Luther High School. Yaay! She is quietly reeling all the good ones in....Let us not forget Rochelle Johnson who has also made it into Havergal!Our Deputy Head Boy of Ardenne wins a trip to Mexico and his project wins top award for a Jamaican high school. Good show, Nicholas! And for all Mom's quips about your doing too much and neglecting school work, well, this is a pyrrhic victory!I applaud all ventures!Now, our former Campionite, Shanique Bailey, currently at Havergal in Canada has gotten into one of Canada's top 5 universities, Queen's College. Hip, hip, hurrah!Tidjan Simpson, currently at Florida International University, has made the Honor Roll, fly the flag high!Better news: Western University in Canada, a premier Canadian institution, has three spots for Caribbean students of a high academic pedigree, awarding $50000 annually. Get out of here!Need I mention, my students at Fisk University have all gained top billing as student leaders and are making their presence felt whilst racking up top grades? Pictures forthcoming.....and steeped in an historically Black university and absorbing all the mythic black culture we have missed in our history books here (smile)...Ooooh, flying the Versan flag high and representing.....Jamaican ambassadors!See you all next week. And all hail St. George's sixth form, what a great session. See you all soon!


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