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Hi readers!Do I know I am a day late? Absolutely! Do I know that folks are awaiting news thus far? Of course....But between Monday and Wednesday of this week, I saw my alums from boarding schools to universities trundling in to give me their latest news, upgrade me on new issues at their schools, and some I think had flights delayed from the "Polar Vortex" and thus headed in to see the "ole teach" ...I was most grateful. That goes for you Jason in wintry Minneapolis at St. Olaf and thanks again for speaking with the class, most needed.The stories were incredible. I heard about cheerleading exploits and lives mapped out from Freshman year to Senior year by adept advisors. I heard about 4.0's and the tears for the 1 B earned. I heard abut the leadership exploits by those who learnt to "lean in" and be "recognized by the universities they were attending. I heard about the gallant efforts of my many past students who took their notes at the Farewell Ceremony held every year and who held on and acted on my 19 years of experience for their well-being and benefit. Thank you, my troops and march in in your sub-zero temperatures...and continue to fly the Versan flag high. I adore all of you and am most proud.And for those who missed your fried fish and oxtail...well...I will have those ready for the summer when you return to wish this group applying for Fall 2014 Bon Voyage......on that note, here is my acceptances for the last few days that have been slowly trickling in....ACCEPTANCESChristine Lee Fatt - Luther College (Boarding School)Saffia King - California College of the ArtsAnd so they roll in, I will be advising!Pictures coming up shortly of one young lady, Raisa Demetrius of St. Andrew fame, Swim Team and Entrepreneur extraordinaire, who came in and did a miraculous job of relating to me for two hours all that she has accomplished in her first freshman semester at College of Wooster.I will forward a picture of her Mom and her from that fateful visit yesterday in my office. And Raisa, thanks for keeping the weight off....and maintaining a buff and fit physique, not overdoing the junk food so easily accessible overseas...SCHEDULE FOR CLASSESSSAT, GRE and SAT resume this Saturday, see you all there.

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