The Shellacking of Acceptances Wednesday Blog


Top of the Day to you all!

Well, local elections have come and gone.  It is wise to watch the independents.  Versan's students do travel the independent path as you seek to further your academic goals to better the island of Jamaica.

Good news, Rainforest Seafoods (past clients of ours) will be packaging lionfish for sale.  Let us help our coastline and future farming of our fish to the plate drive by eliminating this ever-burgeoning menace to our seas and eggs of our fish we so dearly love..Just so passionate about our environment...

And our Acceptances this Week!

Graduate School

Syracuse University - Angelo Alexander

Undergraduate Schools

Furman University - Jason Murray
                               Ashley Rosen

LIU - Brooklyn - Kimberly Mattis

Drew University - Kimberly Mattis

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences - Kimberly Mattis

University of Chicago - Sonam Khemlani

Northwestern University - Sonam Khemlani
                                        Melonie Mitchell

WPI                             - Rashid Chatani
                                       Damani Walder
                                       Zachary Weller
                                       Jodi Gaye Hunter
                                       Adam Simpson
                                       Vanessa MooYoung
                                        Melonie Mitchell

Minneapolis College of Art - Jordan Tate

Columbus College of Art and Design -Jordan Tate

University of Tampa - Khareem Bryan
                                  Chanese Hamilton

Earlham University - Chanese Hamilton

Villanova University - Sonam Khemlani

Babson University - Sonam Khemlani
                               Chirag Khemlani

Drake University - Jodie Gaye Hunter

Drexel University - Jodie Gaye Hunter

Elon University - Ashley Rosen
                          Jhodi Bennett

Rhodes University - Ashley Rosen

Rollins University - Jheanelle Hughes

American University - Jheanelle Hughes

Trinity University - Jheanelle Hughes

Macalester Universsity - Jacob Phillips

College of Wooster - Jacob Phillips

Mercyhurst University - Shakeyra Stewart

Austin College - Jhodi Bennett

Bentley University - Melonie Mitchell

Jacksonville University - Alex Myrie

Averett University - Carlton Waite

Boarding Schools

St. Timothy's - Raychel Fraser

Rabun Gap Nacoochee - Raychel Fraser

Rothesay Netherwood - Nicholas Lee


Again, the statistics speak for themselves.   Congrats to the team as more results are expected to trickle in...special mention to Sonam Khemlani who managed to put us back on the roster at University of Chicago after a dry spell of 4 years!

Our Parents' Meeting for this current group of students will be held on April 14 at 5 p.m.  Location Mona Visitor's Lodge.

My heartiest congratulations to the students who did well and for those receiving sorry news, please come and see me, there is a Plan B!  And yes, for this Fall...

Have a Great weekend and I know many are nervous about the big revelations this week...

"And they rain..." Wednesday Blog


Hearty Good Morning to the Versan family!

I know, I know, you want to see who got accepted this week.  I will get to it!

I just need to remind you that SAT deadlines for registering is March 24th.  Get to it.

LSAT students, please register with LSAC soon.

GRE and GMAT students should be registering for their exams soon and the SSAT students as well.

And to what everyone has been waiting for the acceptances!


Graduate Schools

Ashish Mehta - Columbia University MPA Program
Denique Ferguson - IIT - Master's Program in Interactive Media
Saif Ahmad - George Washington University - PhD program in Nuclear Physics

Undergraduate Schools

Damani Walder - St. John's University
Zachary Weller - Clark University
Debbie Fong - Marist, FIU and Eckerd
Jason Murray - St. Olaf and Berea
Jaquille Jones - Wesleyan University
Demetri Mitchell - Dillard University
Shakti Rambarran - University of Rochester
Nicholas Brown - University of Rochester
Alex Myrie - Howard University
Shakeyra Stewart - Lewis and Clark University

Boarding Schools

Allison McHayle - Emma Willard
Dominic Stephenson - Emma Willard

And yes, we are working on renewing the website. 

For the fatherless children of the inner city we pray for healing...

"It is Getting Better"....Wednesday Blog


And the acceptances are just coming in a flood!  Who said there was a recession in the States?  Why are there such a record number of scholarships?  Even for so-so!  All I can say is, Versan students, you have just made your " mother" proud.  And the smiles from the parents and hugs (how could I forget!)  I am so eternally grateful to the good Lord, the parents, the teachers, the Versan staff in Mandeville, Kingston and Mobay and to our continued excellence in serving families!!!!!  Lawd!!!!

On a sad note, I must say farewell to my dear friend, Ralph Bender.  For those who have admired my accessories over the years, he was my designer, my friend...Travel well, Sir Bender and make a good place for us all there...

Boarding Schools

Congrats to our 99% scoring student, Keren Alfred, who made Deerfield, St. Andrews, Cushing Academy; to Dominique Duncan who made Mercersburg, Trinity and St. Andrew's; Lydia Webster and her elated stance on getting into her first choice, Episcopal School; newly-arrived Raychel Fraser -St. Margaret's; our Montegonians: Thavail England and Roxanne Foote who both got into Purnell, with Thavail also making Washington Academy; Ariana Kumst - St. Timothy's; and Vijay - Fryeburg; Nicholas Lee - Pickering!

Mother is proud of you all as we await the other decisions for the boarding school week.


Donnay Chrisitie -  Austin College
                                Pacific Lutheran 
                                Beloit College

Chad Lewis        -   University of South Florida
                               Jacksonville University

Noel Rowe -          Missisippi State University

Adam Simpson      Georgia State University

Joanna Hines         Ithaca University

Emilia Coley           Goodwin College
                                St. Thomas University

Melonie Mitchell    Notre Dame (and being flown up to see the campus!)

Raymond Fenton    Lewis and Clark 
                                Arcadia University

Krista Gaye Kerr     Kenyon College

Danielle McFarlane  University of South Florida

And so we continue with our bragging rights!  Look out for more  next week as the honor roll continues...

SAT STUDENTS, Please get registered early for the May exams!!!  SSAT students, please do likewise...and LSAT students, it is time to be acquainted with the LSAC website.

The Start of the "Serious Acceptances" Wednesday Blog


Today is March 7, 2012.  Within 3 days, the SSAT group will hear where they have gotten into and where they have been refused entry.

March is the also the month for a few heavyweights such as MIT and UPenn and a few others...

This is when we exhale and inhale deeply with fingers crossed!

IIT in Illinois!

To all the scholarship winners thus far who have gained admission to this elite Engineering and Architectural School in Illinois - my heartiest congratulations!

Danhai Hall
Vanessa Moo Young
Damani Walder

Kyle Hamilton

It is certainly an impressive school.

On to more acceptances:

Krista-Gaye Kerr - Clark University (MA) 
Renaisha Hood - St. John's University
                           Queen's University of Charlotte

Wilmore Brown - Arizona State University
                            Florida Institute of Technology

Iyana Vernon - Drew University
Ashani Heslop  - Minnesota State - Makapo


We welcome back Mr. Francis our Math Teacher from chilly Illinois where he recently did a scintillating upgrade for all our Math teachers on the cutting edge approach to teaching Mathematics to our SAT, SSAT, GRE and GMAT students.

UTECH Department of Built Environment

It was a pleasure to be the Guest Speaker at UTech's Career Options Talk yesterday. My words of advice fell on very sharp ears!  I am glad a few were convinced to seek a tertiary education instead of "falling by the wayside".  I do hope more look at Urban design and Landscape Architecture... Jamaica needs more parks, museums, and big libraries to make the urban zones more citified!

Road Trips

Ms. Ricketts sojourned to York Castle recently and had a blast, I believe she has Portland High, Alpha, Wolmer's Boys' coming up.  Let us not undermine our Mandeville Office who have seen Maggotty High, May Pen High and a few other schools.

Washington Academy, Maine

We were happy to host the Head of School and his able-bodied Assistant Mrs. Gautier this past weekend.  The turn out was delightful and they took back 4 applications with them.  They showed off our past students on their video screen and recently admitted three of ours in January 2012 with quite decent financial aid.  We salute the Montego Bay office for having such an overwhelming number of parents and students.  We must add that the Kingston soiree did not do so badly either ...To our SSAT kids, hope you survived that exam on March 3, 2012.

To Our Mandeville Manager

We wish her a few days of rest as she takes her days off...and do get some rest, Ms. Davis!  Bon Voyage....

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