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Dear Readers:

The election has come and gone, it is, we hope, back to life as usual.

Happy 2012!

I thought I would creep back into the island unannounced but lo and behold, we have had a mighty flood in the office from past students, current and prospective students.  So good to see so many of you!

From MIT, Ithaca, Pratt, Queens College, Albert College, University of Rochester and others too many to remember, they poured in...I was quite happy to hear the lofty GPA scores, the most memorable being a 4.2 as well as the happy faces and loss of the Freshman fifteen pounds.  I was ecstatic for those who made their athletic tryouts and will represent their school teams...Go Team Versan!

I am sorry that some of the SSAT students are still awaiting their scores, I can assure you it will be soon....

Also exciting to see that students are also receiving feedback from the mail we sent off...Alleluia!!!!

We do have a few Most Wanted students who left off zip codes from packages taken up before Christmas...those names will be posted next Wednesday.  The mailbag continues...
For those resitting the January exam, I need you to know that there is a free app on Blackberry for SAT words and Math questions,,,go to it!

On January 18th, a Wednesday, I believe, St. Mary's University of Halifax, Canada repute will be visiting Jamaica.  Come out one and all to the Versan Conference room to sample the fares of this school.  It will begin at 7 p.m.  Do not be late!

Those of you applying to Colgate University, please go to to speak with associate directors for international student admission.

Welcome back to classes GMAT, GRE, LSAT as we prepare for the February exams.


The CSS Profile has to be done for those of you who must complete for your various universities.

For the Americans and Landed students amongst the group, it is time to complete the FAFSA.

Happy Birthday Gabrielle Morrison.  Rashid, you will be called shortly and to those whohave heard one or two items were missing from their packages, this is the fare for admissions, this is why we said keep copies of everything you send off.  So if a request is made of you toproduce Page 3, do so, as you should have had your copies!

Back to the drawing board, let's have a whoopee year!


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