The Awful SAT Weekend Wednesday Blog


  1. I have been slavishly slogging through the tests and putting on the final score points, with everyone calling to hear how they have done...Well, tomorrow, we should be ready to stand and deliver.
  2. Critical Reading is still the bane of everyone's existence...
  3. I pray that everyone will rest on Friday and just clear the cobwebs out.
  4. Each staff member assigned to a SAT center remains as: Priory (Ms. Bramwell), St. Andrew (Ms. Campbell), Campion (Ms. Reynolds)..Each staff member will have sample SAT registration forms, No 2 pencils, one or two calculators, letterheads ready to write and identify the Versan student who left an ID at home, extra candy for stimulants during the break, envelopes for standby forms...and all other various necessities that are required on EXAM DAY!
  5. AISK has yet to have a teacher assigned.
  6. Please show up at the registration table early, all standby students to claim a standby ticket before they run out.  7:30 a.m. is a good time for the unsure ones to show up for the exam and make inquiries.
  7. By now you have all heard about the SAT scandal...too funny but not to be taken lightly.
  8. I must say  I am proud of all the students who managed to complete at least 3 solid textbooks (Kaplan, Gruber and Barron's before the big day!)  Woe to those who failed to do so...
  9. SAT II books are now available.  A few SAT books are too, though those fly off the shelves quickly...
  • Check your No 2 pencils...and have a darn good eraser!


For those students who are West coast minded, please note that the application forms open online this Saturday.  Deadline for this school is November 30!

The season is upon us when colleges float through and visit our shores.  They will come to your schools and present.  It is nice to ask relevant questions, but most importantly, verify, verify, verify the information!

PTA Meeting -New Groups (SAT, SSAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT)

We originally thought about a PTA meeting this weekend, but have moved the meeting to next week end, October 9 at Shortwood Teacher's Auditorium.  All students will be called and emailed advising of the change.


After a successful Symposium, our next big venture is India, yes, but we also have our Fairs coming up!  Do note that some 38 schools will be visiting Jamaica during that weekend of November 18, 19 and 20th!  Parents of SSAT students and those students should now be in the throes of getting their applications off.


Please note that the deadline has passed for November for international students was Tuesday the 27th.  The other deadlines seen are for  US citizens and residents overseas.

Pray without ceasing...I will be at Priory for the final blessing before you enter the hall of SAT doom! Smile...

Awesome Post Symposium Wednesday Blog


  • So  you thought I would not make my Wednesday deadline - hah!
  • Wasn't that a swell Symposium?  We did it Versan style....
  • And Mr. Bass' story?  Humbling yet rife with possibilities for our own future careers?
  • And yes, Mr. Bass let the cat out of the bag...I had a play on Broadway that ran from 1992-1994.  Most of my actors are on the TV show Scrubs now and recently the film, "Gun Hill Road"
  • To the Versan family that put it all together,a big thanks, hugs, sweat and tears...Grand performance!
  • One of our speakers, Pat Ramsey, referred  to Versan as the quiet secret...she says after the event, she is still in awe...
  • What a crowded room? Thanks to all the supporters...Hampton stole the show with the largest school outpouring.  The CPU is on the way!
  • And to the Mobay crew who thought I seemingly forgot to "big them" up at the event..."one love"-you get a pizza treat this weekend in Mobay, don't you?  How many times do I get up at 5 a.m.  to trek on to the West?  Smile....again, one love!


It is the final weekend  before the real  exam on October 1.  All summer you have toiled?!?, anyway, the exam is right around the corner. Be on time for your Mocks this weekend, promptly at 9 a.m.  SSAT,I hear you are the group to watch for great results as well as Ms. Reynolds' Group 3...we wait with bated  breath...

  • If you are unsure about a No 2 pencil, step right on it and we will show you what it ought to write like.  Have the calculators working, Picture ID's should be current and not baby pictures...Registration tickets received either by mail or email,printed and in hand, punctuality of the essence.
  • A Versan staff member will be at every station to assist any lost or distraught Versan student.  Ms. Bramwell will be at her usual spot - Priory.  The blog will say where the others will be next week.
  • Of course, need I say that your final mock exam is this weekend...(those with outstanding balances,please clear up by Friday at 7 p.m. or else.....).
  • The "or else" is really threatening....

November 18 - Bloomfield Great House(Mandeville)  1-5 p.m.

November 19 - Mona's  Visitors Lodge (UWI) Kingston 10-4p.m.

November 20 - Coyaba Beach Resort (2 -5 p.m.)

Equally, 17 Canadian colleges/universities will be at the Terra Nova on the 10th and on the 11thof November in Mobay. Don't miss it!  This one is run by the Canadian High Commission, not a private entity.  Take my counsel,attend these types!

Many universities are visiting now. If your time table permits, visit, sign up if interested as vested interest  goes a  long way....

The Symposium of The Year Blog


As the office runs busy with the final preparations for the Symposium of the Year on September 17, 2011, let us thank our sponsors: The Jamaica Observer, PriceSmart, The Jamaica Biscuit Company, Jamaica Broilers. They are truly the champions of this affair. Equally, we will have the Student's Loan Bureau and many others sharing their information. We thank the many schools that have registered their students and signed up early. They too will be announced on the day of the event and have earned a computer for their school. I wish to thank the staff of Versan from Montego Bay, Mandeville and Kingston for all their support and hard work. To my bedraggled students who have been poring over the SAT books and are sacrificing their Saturday to be at the event for the "word" on Recession-Proofing, to the buses coming in from 6 a.m. in the morning to be a part of the session...Thanks in advance. For all of you, may it be a day replete with information. take notes, it will serve you well. CONSULTATIONS We have additional educational advisers assisting us with the mad rush of appointments: Ms. Azan is on from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Joseph Russell is on from 1 - 5 p.m. Ms. Bramwell does all the late hours and is equally thee in the mornings on Saturdays. But not this Saturday... MAKE UP CLASSES: Because of this hectic weekend, the SSAT, GRE, GMAT and LSAT groups will not be doing any classes this weekend. But those sitting the SAT on October 1 in Kingston, all classes have been shifted to Sunday for the Saturday students. Just this weekend. Your schedule is: Group 1: 11:30 2:30 Regular Sunday group maintains their time of 1 -4 p.m. Group 2 is from 2:30 - 5:30. The teachers are Azan and Karenga. I know that Group 3 has been submerged with the other group. BOOKS Books continue to fly of the shelf. Math 1 and II are available along with Physics, Literature and Spanish. Biology and SAT I's have run low as well as the Gruber's. The New GRE is available but as of today only one copy is left. LAFAYETTE COLLEGE'S VISIT Mr. Bates had a rollicking time in Jamaica at our office despite the heavy rains. Families showed up, filled out their forms and had an exclusive moment with him and asked a bundle of questions. It was interesting to know that it is a school of 2400 students in a quiet part of Pennsylvania and also a Division 1 sports fraternity. It was equally fun to see that despite its strong engineering program they still enjoyed a 100% enrollment into law schools, gave healthy scholarships but needed SAT scores above 2100. He did say to the Wolmerians, Hillelians, Immaculate, and Campion students present that their sole "vested interest" in showing up and listening would go a far way in the application process. Go those families who braved that flash flood to listen.. MR GARY BASS You have one more day to arrive on our shores and I pray that you make it here safely, I think you will face a crammed ballroom! See you all on Saturday....



It is back to school!!!! As Sixth formers regroup after their wonderful or dastardly (look the word up!) results, it is time to select the subjects for Sixth Form. I know that many of you are seeking to select between four to six CAPE subjects. I hope that most will stick to the traditional subjects like : Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Literature, French, Spanish, Law, Economics...please note that any other subjects not mentioned such as IT, MOB, GMED are usually seen as vocational subjects and weighed negatively against the traditional courses...just saying...try to mix them if you have a penchant for one of the vocational ones... LAFAYETTE UNIVERSITY Lafayette University will be the first college to grace the Versan Kingston office. The school is known largely for engineering and located in Philadelphia. A representative will be at the Kingston branch and will be available to meet with our students on September 12, 2011 from 6:30. Warm cookies will be made available. I must say that this is a selective school and they do require SAT I and SAT II tests for admission eligibility. STUDY TIMETABLES It is time to work out your study routines for the October, November and December exams. I am so glad to hear that there are students who have completed at least two of the past paper publications (Kaplan, Barron's, Princeton Review or Gruber's) and have been on a roll with the practice involved. And of course, there are those who are still on half of Book 1 that should have been completed in July? Come on!!! Time's a going, and if you do not heed the wise words of warning, the SAT score we need to attain scholarships will vanish away. MUNRO BOYS The transportation is being worked out for you to get to the Mandeville office for Saturday or Sunday classes. Do not despair..we will get you there.... SEPTEMBER 17th Event Plans are forging ahead, it appears that we have been getting the posters around to the schools and we are getting the word out via Ms. Kitty's program next week, The Jamaica Observer, Power 106, Mello FM, Zip and TVJ as well as Nationwide and Youthlink... If you need career choices and need to learn how to make money in a desired field? Do not miss this date at The Jamaica Pegasus. The mere $500 you will pay on that date will be invaluable information to last a lifetime. All the Versan students will be given time off to attend. Do not be late. Your makeup class will be on Sunday morning for the Saturday students and it will be taught by Ms. Bramwell...So do not htink because of attendance at the event, you need to miss the occasion. EXTRA CLASSES I am not one who advocates for extra classes by the same teacher who is teaching your SAT class. It probably goes beyond that. Please see Ms. Bramwell for alternate referrals out side of the program. It is not our policy to have teachers advocating for extras and collecting. For shame! Our policy is to teach well and gwet the drift within the class, not from additional help. A student advised me that he hated writing essays. I suggested he read a bit more to inform and direct his writing style. He finished reading a novel I recommended, I saw a surge in his Writing score on the second resit. Did I give him extras? No, I simply inspired one to find the fire within... Happy Birthday Jason! May your newly acquired MBA and your trips to Dubai cement your future in Telecommunications Engineering. Nice to see my Stanford crowd in the office. Can you believe they start late September? All my other students have already left our shores... But good to see everyone...And yes, I noticed the Freshman 15....Thanks for Facebook, you all stay in touch! See you all next week...

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