The Last Wednesday Blog of 2011

Well Folks:

Every last mail has been sent off since last Thursday.  I know that all Versan packets received have made their deadlines.

I have been receiving scores and seen where some valiant attempts were made and some who will have to resit in January.  We have the forms so do not try to register online as some have been emailing me.

There are some who forgot to get their packages in on time.  I do hope that you have deadlines as early as January 15th so I will get back to office early so that I can sign off and check a number of packages.

The mailbag continues till May 1, 2012.

Gee, set your pens to write 2012 come January 1.

As for the elections, be safe!  I am sorry I am not there but take care....We will meet in our new space next year for classes.

Have a Prosperous 2012!!!!!


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