The November 5 SAT exam Wednesday Blog

As I sojourn to the Far East to work with students, I duly note that some will be sitting exams this Saturday.  The preparation should have been in place.  Good luck.  Stay calm and go for the gold.  Smile.  Easier said than done, right?  Well, for those still on one SAT past paper book, the obvious is evident, you are still unprepared.  Practise, Practise, Practise!

For those who are standbys, please go to Priory High and get there by 7:30 a.m.   One of our teachers should be there to assist.

I am happy to see consultations going well.  To my Mobay group, I will be back soon!  To the Sunday Kingston SAT group, you should feel a difference in the sessions here on out to the December exam.
I did not receive the essays, but for the courageous few, duly noted...


Versan's Recession-Proofing Seminar is showing all this weekend on FLOW at nights...for those who missed the grand session at the Pegasus, you can see what you missed.


Please email me with your essays, resumes, financial aid materials, all those on consultation.  Though I am in India, the work does not stop...So let's get it moving...


She managed to attend the Portland Consortium of High Schools' Fairs, Merlegrove, St. Jago, St. Andrew's and hosted Flagler College, University of Rochester and Illinois Institute of Technology.  She will also get a chance to represent me at the upcoming Canadian College Fair, November 10.
Wolmer's Girls, I had a blast this morning with you, 5th formers, let's do it again soon!

For all the birthday people, let's go! Happy Birthday.....but study and stay organized....

Good luck on Saturday, y'all!!!!


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