Director of Admissions at Cottey College Visits Jamaica


Dear Versan Blog Readers,

Rick Eber the Director of Admissions at Cottey College will be in Jamaica from February 24th-26th. He will be taking interviews on the 24th and 26th of February. Cottey College is a two year All-Women's college located in Nevada, Missouri.

A new development is when students leave Cottey, they are automatically
accepted into St. Mary of the Woods College with a scholarship. The Cottey scholarships are still very generous to international students
who pay a minimal amount!

Another excellent opportunity for Versan students and friends. Don't miss out! Contact the office for more information.


College Applications - Mid-Term Reports


Mid term reports for all college applications are due in late January/early February. We are reminding all students applying to Colleges and Universities that require mid term reports, they need to ensure that current high school mid term reports are sent off and on time.

In some instances, your high school's midterm report may not be ready until mid march or later. In such a case a letter must be written to your college/university. This letter should give a general summary of your academic activity thus far in the term. This information will serve as a confirmation of your academic activity, that should display a general consistency with your earlier sent in transcripts.

The mid year report is a requirement of many of the colleges/universities and is very crucial in regards to admission. Please make sure that your Mid-Term report is mailed and done so on time.

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