I am told by one of our readers that we must not "Hail the Ivys" as they come with many maladjustive behaviors, potboiler scenarios and are not quite the best fit for all...but we know that, don't we?  Always said at our Parent's Seminar, Farewell ceremonies.....but we still think it is worthy of us to commend students who beat the long odds of getting in, whether they attend or not.  So to all, CONGRATS, wherever you choose to go!

It is good to have avid readers.

Many are making decisions.  Finally got, king procrastinator, Taro, to make his shot, he heads to Deerfield!  And Julia has chosen Duke...and yet, many more are whittling down their final decisions...Shanique Bailey - Vassar? Or Amherst? Liam - MIT or Stanford? Decisions, decisions???

Our Alums
To our student Raianne Demetrius: She continues to fly the Versan flag high.  Her GPA went up in the Neurobiology Department at College of Wooster, her Cheerleading Team went Varsity and they have been invited to the Men's Basketball Team banquet....and best of all, she made the Wooster Inn program, so she heads to Greece next May.  It is a program that allows our students to visit different countries....Go #Team Raianne!

Raianne Demetrius, a former St. Andrew's student, is at one of my favorite small liberal arts college, Wooster in Ohio-(great for academics, pre-medecine, swimming, Business, and bagpipes to boot! smile....)
Rebecca Hugh (in the rear) giving a "shout out" from her favorite softball team (in front of Starbucks Coffee) having decimated her competition in Virginia...go figure, Rebecca we did not see this side of you at Campion!  Tell our Dominican student hi from us all in Jamaica, Josie.

On to a few pictures of some of our favorites:

To Marian Cole, heading to Harvard for her Master's in Education.

 To a few of our boarding school stars who managed to secure some full scholarships (Rear: Chelsea Coubry-Forte and Christine Lee-Fatt -TheHockaday School, Chelsea is still deciding)
Front: Taro Jones - Deerfield and Daniel Taylor - Oregon Episcopal...

To a few of our College stars:
Vikram Khemlani (UPenn) and Theon Masters (Macalester)
Left - Julia Foote (Duke), Justine Murray (UPenn) and Gillian-Jo Taylor (Middlebury)
Might I add, these are some of the largest scholarships..go #Team Versan!

And for the hiccup on the radio, during the broadcast at Calabar this morning, blame it on Ms. Randall's nerves!  First time on Public radio.



What do I say?  There are 8 Ivy League universities.  We copped six of them this year....and what a tally we had!

  • Harvard -  Marion Cole
  • UPenn       Vikram Kemlani, Liam Neath, Justine Murray
  • Brown       Keren Alfred
  • Cornell      Kai Walcott, Justine Murray
  • Columbia   Liam Neath
  • Princeton   Liam Neath

How do we say thanks to a great class/

And then we had the Hurrah moments:

Julia Foote - Duke, Georgetown, Pomona, UCLA: Berkeley
Keren Alfred - UNC-Chapel Hill, Pomona, Amherst
Shanique Bailey - Amherst, Vassar, NYU
Liam Neath - Stanford, Colgate
Sheraine Peart - Ringling School of Design
Melody Shum - WPI
Athena Phillips - University of Miami/WPI
Allison McHayle - WPI, LAfayette, Dickinson, GW
Trish-Ann Gillings - Emory, Univof South Florida, FIT, Northeastern, Boston College, Ithaca
Delroy Fong - George Washington
Denique Dennis - FIU/UWI
Theon Masters - Macalester,, Northeastern, Drew, Presbyterian
Kelly Powell - Boston College
Alex Gooden - WPI
Richelle Newby - Purdue / Stevens Institute of Technology
Dominic Shoucair - George Washington
Kristen Bingham - Howard, Nova Southeastern, Truman State, Adelphi
Bianca Lee - Univ of Tampa
Jordana Palmer - American University, Sarah Lawrence, Kalamazoo, Earlham, Univ of Pittsburgh
Aleique Allen - Penn State, Mercyhurst, WPI, Norwich University
Rochelle Walcott - Ithaca, UWI

What can I say?  Such a shellacking and more to come......Guys, you have made your old teacher proud!!!!

Boarding Schools

Jordan Lowe - Fryeburg, Fountain Valley

Law Schools

David Brown - Rutgers University, University of Miami, University of Florida, Univ. of Illinois

Students, I am inviting you for a selfie photo, so we can unleash not FORTIS, not Rabalac, not Fortes, but Versan power throughout the media houses.  I think this Saturday, put on your best for the photo we write our articles and do an early breakfast for you all, listen out for that call.

As for the SSAT meeting held on Sunday, it was a great affair.  We have also sent out details to those who could not make it.  As far as I am concerned, it is visa time, financial aid review time, and all other plans on board.  And the SAT crew, yes, we did it.  For those who missed the meeting, we have the hand-outs, so stop by and pick up.

Do not forget this date: May 25.  Put on all parent calendars.  5-8.  Formal affair.  Mona Visitor's Lodge.

This Wednesday was a pleasure to many juicy details, happy faces, great scholarships and a wonderful outcome for hardworking students.

See you all next week.



I need not hesitate...straight to the acceptances.  And tomorrow is a big day.  Those who have not yet heard, do not despair.  Especially if you are waiting on a core group of schools to give decisions.  And if the "fat lady" has sung and you have no other options, please see me for the Round 2 episode.


Tiffany Zheng -            Bentley
Delroy Fong                University of South Florida/Northeastern
Alex Gooden                Rochester Institute of Technology
Allison McHayle          Clark University
Gillian-Jo Taylor           Macalester/Middlebury
Meile Cai -                  Bentley/Worcester Polytechnic/Bryant
Vikram Khemlani -      University of Washington - St. Louis
                                   Northwestern University
Ravene Evans -           University of Jacksonville
Justine Braham -          Rochester Institute of Technology
                                   Howard University
                                   Nova Southeastern University
Shemar Yap                Stevens Institute of Technology
Rochelle Walcott         Dalhousie University
                                   York University
Clenmar Rowe             UWI - Medicine
Shanique Bailey            Worcester Polytechnic
                                    St. Olaf
                                    University of Washington
Justine Murray              University of Connecticut
Julia Foote                     Rice University
                                      University of South Florida
                                      UC: San Diego
                                      Pomona University
Sonia Faulknor               Rutgers University
Dominic Shoucair           American University/Boston University
Esther Park                    UC: Riverside/Irvine/Davis
                                      Cal State: San Luis Obispo
                                       University of Washington
Richelle Newby               University of Washington


Laura Chen                      The Darrow School
Francine/S. Lendor           Oldfields
Francine                          St. Margaret's
Courtnay Henton              North Broward School


The Merlegrove stampede for Versan's news!

Marion Cole                    Vanderbilt University

Like Cranberry Juice ads by the infamous Dutty Berry, "WidWow!  Proud of the acceptances.



So the decisions roll in....and some students have made their decisions.  We were blessed to have several students receive multiple acceptances.  We are now asking them to release all other schools they were accepted to that they choose not to go to.Advise early that you will not be attending.  Some lucky soul is on that wait list and could get off even earlier....(smile).

Those on financial aid wait-lists, but accepted, your day is coming soon.

The few who were on wait-lists, you know what to do...and if you don't, give me a call.

March 30 is the big day for all parents and students accepted to boarding schools.  We will meet to discuss visas, classes to be selected, laundry details, pocket money details, health insurance, payment plans, acculturating to the boarding school culture...and much more.  Past boarding school parents will be present.  They can provide us with invaluable insight...I know it is a Sunday evening and if I am not mistaken, we start at 5 p.m.

Don't miss it!


Winston-Salem, North Carolina was cold.  Friendships, networking and good food was the order of the day with over 300 boarding schools in attendance.


So we have our dear Liam Neath (my fellow Chronixx lover) who gags the big Special mention award for MIT, COLUMBIA and UCHICAGO.  Go Liam!  All those essays we pored over for weeks.....and the financial aid details...all to a good end.  Might I add he is our first to be summoned to Columbia for a special scholarship interview to add to what has already been a stupendous award...

And to Hakeem Angulu who has earned the Headmaster's Award, copping over 12000 more in aid on what was a huge award.  We love all those free frequent miles you were offered Hakeem to Choate Rosemary!

And yes.....both boys hail from Campion.  So Ardenne confers back the MIT title to Campion.  But still in the legacy of Versan's reign at MIT for 15 years of placing students there.

To Justin Hamilton in the picture who has made a 4.0 GPA this semester, who was accepted as a Resident Assistant, (90 applied and 16 accepted), who also passed stage check flight today and attached a picture of the sunrise before his flight this morning...we say, love you Justin and see you in the summer!  Keep flying the Versan flag high!

Dr. Victor Ibeanisu of FAMU is here to discuss scholarships to his university this Friday at Versan - rfrom 6-8 p.m. (Classroom)


We have Gaynstead and St. Hugh's this week.  Gaynstead was a delight.  They listened, learnt and understood their options.


Liam Neath - Columbia, MIT, Wesleyan, UChicago
Sherice Bramwell-Hofstra
Matthew Munro - Howard University
Hamish Hayden - Lawrence University
Kamoya Kidd - Kutztown University
Dominic Shoucair - University of Miami, Northeastern
Taj Atkinson - IIT/RIT


Christine Lee-Fatt - The Hockaday School
Laura Chen - St. Johnsbury
Giovanni Hui - St. Johnsbury
Jordan Royer -McDuffie/Blue Ridge
Dejaun Charles: Cheshire/Blue Ridge
Shernirah Lendor: Christchurch/Montverde
Francine Pascal: Wayland

Congrats to the last 4 students who hail from the island of Dominica under Mr. Pascal's guidance.

See you all next week with more news on the blog.  Remember that the opportunities presented to us may not be so evident at the start, breathe deeply and allow the flow to be as easy as Sunday morning, then let time reveal its true purpose.  You are supposed to be right where you are.  You will see.....



I have left the ship to visit the Boarding School fair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  I am surrounded by hundreds of schools.  I am enthused about all the heads of Admission.  I am relieved when I am greeted by all these smiles.  We must be doing something right.

The decisions have filed in.  I am happy that we enjoyed a 96% percent placement for our boarding school group.  What a great group.  Where do I start with all these acceptances?

Even those who joined us late, made it in....Geez!  We are truly blessed this year.  And more so, we were equally surprised by the grants.


Romario Dunn - Hebron Academy/Cushing Academy
Taro Jones- Deerfield Academy and Cushing Academy
Alexandra Calder- Dana Hall
Christine Lee Fatt- Cushing and The Hockaday School and Oldfields
Gabrielle and Sarita Chen- Cushing Academy
Oren Palmer- Oregon Episcopal
Hakeem Angulu- Cate and Choate Rosemary
Giovanni Hui - St. Andrew's Sewanee
Kyle Ip - Bachman Academy
Janice Wang- Lake Forest Academy
Jada Prendergast - Rothesay Netherwood
Sydney Smith- Cushing
Daniel Taylor- Hawaii Prep/ Oregon Episcopal/Marianapolis

And we are not done yet...

College Placements

Delroy Fong- Marquette University
Kirkland Houston- Humber College
Karen Alfred- Smith College/ University of Rochester
Shari Patterson - Emory University, Univ of Minnesota,  univ of York
Tiana Reid - FIU/St. Michael's College
Aaron Liu- RIT/George Mason
Taj Atkinson- IIT/RIT
Matthew Blake- Hampden Sydney
Dominic Shoucair- Northeastern

And now for the big our fiercest award..for her doctoral degree...

Marion Cole - Harvard University Graduate School of Education

And we are not done yet......keep reading next week....
This is Bluegrass Music in North Carolina.

With my friend Matt from The Woodhall School

Art at Salem College Arts Center

My tour guide at Salem Academy.  She is from Zimbabwe

My Alpha girls!



As Jamaica takes a well-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the financial wear and tear  in Jamaica.....I have decided to add pictures from my garden suggesting God's handiwork....subtly hinting that despite the letters of rejection or acceptance that we receive, "every little thing is gonna be alright."

Last week we mentioned our Yashika Thakurani of Westwood who was accepted to St. Margaret's and we give thanks for her Financial Aid package.  Another humdinger of a scholarship.

I see Tion Barnaby breeze into my office at 6 pm...and I wondered, what went wrong now?  A few weeks ago, he thought we had not managed to get his application packages in.  But miraculously, this week he was smiling.  He had made it into the MBA program at Thunderbird.  One of the most formidable programs in Arizona ...and despite the glut of MBA's on the market, he hit it running with a punch..also a whopper of a scholarship.  Denise Martin, our ancillary worker, so used to seeing Tion at 6 in the evenings when she is cleaning, was there to hear the celebratory news.

And would you know University of Rochester has invited our illustrious student Liam Neath to fly up for the Renaissance scholarship.  Our Versan students have won this four times, a scholarship valued at $75000 annually.

And miracles of miracles, I have two past students, the Lewis siblings, one in New Zealand and one in the US completing their PhD programs.  And Mom is a Professor at the renown Florida A&M University.  The irony is that the Versan network goes far and wide.  A team will be visiting to offer 50 scholarships to students pursuing the sciences, undergraduate and graduate.  The past students had a hand in all of this.  With scores above 1800 and GPA's of 3.0 and up, one of these full scholarships has your name written all over it.  We will be ready to show them potential students for 50 scholarships.

One other thrilling bit of data is that one of our dancers seems to be getting an early nod from Deerfield Academy.

And Caroline Blaum has placed one of my favorite girls at the top of the pile at Oldfields.  We will on this reflective day, we look at the glass half-full.....

And we cannot hope to top that bounty of a

The sole bad news is that I have failed to fall into my exercise routine.  Shame.  And not done my crossword puzzle for the day.



So the school visits continue.  Why am I amazed that so many sixth formers are clueless about their educational options?  That they have dreams, careers they want to explore but are stymied by not knowing which path to take?  At every turn, we get questions...we get smart children who have been pigeon-holed into a corner and dismally looking at gargantuan costs that lie ahead...many are taking the route of a secondary career to facilitate the realization of the primary dream....

So we have been a breath of fresh air to many of these students....yippee!  Versan to the world.  Do check out all the pictures of the school visits on our Facebook page (Versan) and "like us", of course!  And see the Twitter page @versanorg where schools are tweeting us from overseas and elated about our successes....

I know, you can hardly wait....the acceptances....yes, still flowing....and my job steps up quickly as to the requests for financial aid "comeuppance".......


Chelsea Coubry- Forte - Bishop Strachan (Canada) And a humdinger of a scholarship!  Might I add that she has made Purnell, Stonybrook, Havergal, Lakefield.......Rothesay Netherwood....go Chelsea!

Yashika Thakurani - St. Margaret's (USA) Good going!

Delroy Fong - Marquette University

Rochelle Walcott - UWI Law

And we are just a few days away from the big revelations....

This Saturday we have another cohort of SSAT students trudging up to AISK to sit the exam.  They have been so valiant in doing Skype and phone interviews...proud of them.

I made Wednesday!  Like exercise, I must get into the routine...Ha! Ha!

On to Manchester High........ready Ashli?  



So there has been a relapse.  But honestly, I could have made Wednesday.  My computer failed me at home.  In addition, I had left a list of the acceptances on my office desk.

But I must say, the first of the acceptances for the US boarding schools has rolled in.  And I must add, the whopping scholarships are in tow.  Hey, do I mind if a family has to pay a mere 8000, 1000 or 2000?  Nah!!!!

So to the spoils, Jada Prendergast (Campion) who made a wonderful scholarship to Wasatch Academy as well as Rochelle Johnson of (Immaculate) who tripled her offer to Havergal.  Again, congrats!

Shanique Bailey got into University of Toronto and Kathy Ip made Carleton University in Canada.  Both girls attend Havergal.

To Trish-Ann Gillings at Hillel, we salute her for Northeastern University and University of South Florida.  And my namesake from Glenmuir High, Sherice Bramwell who made Ithaca University, University of South Florida and Florida Southern...yippee!!

Shemar Yap (formerly of Campion and now The McDuffie School in Massachusetts) has made it into Rochester Institute of Technology.

And I am sitting on the volcano waiting to erupt...March 10th decisions from most of the American boarding schools.


To Rebecca Hugh and the storm in Virginia, congrats on being nominated Prefect..and a member of the Softball team.  So St. Margaret's has benefited from one of our finest.  To Joshua for making the Honor Roll yet again....


In Dominica, we have to share the spoils.  One of our ardent, top-ranked athletes (track and field) through the auspices of Coach Davis of Colgate University (track and field) who visited Dominica upon our referral has enabled Chelsea to enter Essex County Community College as well as Kerael Matthew for Milligan 

Go Dominica!  And did I mention Dejuan who made it into Cheshire Academy....

So Dominica, I hope that earthquake has not had any deleterious effect on my favorite island...I still have not seen the migration of the turtles yet, but I may send one of my earnest students, Christopher Rowe to rein them in (smile)....


So now we have David Stolper and Mr. Karenga towing the Math classes...and we are establishing a Resource Math center for those who need the one-on-one help from Mr. Morrison.  Let us know.

Dutiful students ar Frome Technical in Westmoreland...great reception given to our representative Mrs. Russell, hidden in the picture.


Merlegrove: You were great.  Thanks for all the questions and the mob melee at the end of our presentation.  I did think you had a good show on Schools' Challenge Quiz and simply adored the aggression you showed, your tenacity, train the upcoming team in the same vein.

Charlemont: Oh, so polite. And well-behaved.  Congrats to the Head-Girl, Ashli who scored a much better score on her SAT's, we will be flying jets with her at the control!!!!
Versan's new window dressing: to unravel soon....



I made it!  Back on Wednesdays....and guess what?!  Richelle Newby, my alarmist has made it into yet another university...ROCHESTER INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY with a scholarship to go Richelle!

And Francine from our Dominica division has made it into WAYLAND ACADEMY.  Congrats to the Pascal team.

Young  Maya Kumst has made it into BEMENT, also with funding.

Dominic Shoucair smilingly eased into FIU and FLAGLER COLLEGE.


Classes for students are underway and we have a full class for SSAT, Saturdays SAT are closed, our GRE is busy for this season.  GMAT is in full gear and we are thrilled.  SO the January semester has fascinatingly surprised us with student intake.


Ms. Kelly Powell, in charge of our Facebook, is doing a tremendous job whilst, Ms. Randall is afire with Twitter.  Do not hesitate to add your take on the fabulous work they are doing.


Whilst the staff groans under the weight of our taskmaster Mr. Morrison, we welcome his ability to get us corporate fit in the office.


For those weak in Maths, yes we sell all the requisite study aids for each group, SAT, SSAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, we now have DVD's and videos on these topics.  Whichever strikes your fancy, please place your order so we can bring them in rapidly before your exams unfurl.  Here are the titles:

1)Building Great Sentences
2)The Joy of Mathematics
3)Your Deceptive Mind: A Guide to Critical Thinking
4)Analysis and Critique: How to Write About Anything
5)How to Become a Superstar Student
6)The Secrets of Mental Math
7)Optimizing Brain Fitness

And can I say, it is just not about the SAT classes or SSAT, GMAT, GRE, is about the joy of learning, the usage of effective time management, the camaraderie of teacher:students, the efficacy of sticking to timelines, deadlines (hear that Taro?!?) and simply being us at Versan and as Versan students and parents. A spasm of great bonhomie simply surged through.  Thanks guys!



So I am getting better.  Not Saturday, not Friday, nor a week later....but one day next week...I make Wednesday?

Happy Birthday to my brother, Wilt in England, my sister, Winsome in New York, Bob Marley and my dear colleague, Brian Murray in Halifax, Canada at The Rothesay Netherwood School.  See why I waited a day?  I know, a cheap excuse.  But blessings to everyone on his/her special day.


I am thrilled with my fifth formers at Immaculate.  They were receptive to my visit and hands popped up all over for the Q&A section.  Most humbled.  But not to be outdone were the girls of St. Andrew's-amazing.  Great...And did I mention the boys of St. George's?  Look out Merlegrove on Friday and the Career Day at National Heart Trust.

The Versan bus is rolling through.....barreling through.  So we have been forced to renegotiate the look of our website (that under construction is on for far too long we are aggressively seeking to change that moniker this year) and of course our students are raging on Facebook Versan as well as Twitter:versanorg.  And yes, thanks to Wayne Longmore of Atlanta, that is going to be effected by March/April.  Amen, we are on our way.  So my frisky third former at St. George's, good ole Andrade says and where is your Instagram?  Give an old lady a break, it is on its way.  The young techies!!!  Here we go from fountain pen and paper zooming into the 22nd century.  Whatever happened to the art of writing?  Can't they just slow it down?  Guess not...


There is that 6'4" guy called Mr. Morrison, he is a lark and we refer to him as the taskmaster, he has come in from the cold of New York to put us into shape for 2014 and onwards.  Over to Kelly Powell, also a current student who is our media controller and Whitney Clarke who is the person who ties up all loose ends.  We do pray for the recovery of Ms. Martin's baby girl from the gruesome viruses teeming up and attacking our babies and also for the daughter of our driver who is equally suffering from the same ailment.  Thank God for Shaggy and friends, Bustamante Hospital is seemingly overwhelmed but grateful that the $70 million is there as a supportive element.


Chelsea Coubry-Forte - Lakefield (in Canada)

Shanique Bailey -Western University (in Canada)


Our alumni network has revealed that Elaina Chai turned in her Master's Thesis at MIT and received an A for her paper on Electrical Engineering.

Chad Hucey at WPI made the Dean's List for his Major in Mechanical Engineering.


Our surprise was spoilt.  Someone could not wake early enough.  Who does that?

See you next week!



Another Saturday....but a whirlwind of a week for the College students who kept me here late all week and with a defunct printer it made my life sheer misery.  I must have added 8 lbs. of cortisol to adrenaline induced stress.

Today is the deadline for some colleges and at 10 pm, last night, the mad rush began to complete these forms.  Those still in the dark....I am aware there are a few, please use your College Board username and passwords to get in and register.  When you register and input your state and college names, you will see the deadlines of your schools if you have not yet been notified by them.

I have reduced a lengthy list of scholarships, secure and apart from the Scholarship Handbook put out by Kaplan and other publishers.  Those who have completed their application forms, financial aid forms and sent off everything, now is the time to focus on external scholarships.  So, come on down and start the new round of apps, the scholarship ones....


Law Schools

David Brown - George Washington Law School
                        American University Law School

Elaina Chai - An "A" for Master's Thesis at MIT in Electrical Engineering


Nicola McDonald - Johnson and Wales

Tahj Atkinson - Illinois Institute of Technology

Peter-John Persaud - University of Manchester (London)

Aleique Allen - Mercyhurst College


Chelsea Coubry-Forte - Stonybrook School

So we are looking just great for Fall 2014!  I suspect we may have a surprise on TVJ this Wednesday, look out!

Elaina Chai- 




Richelle Newby did remind me to write the blog on Wednesday night at 10:30 p.m. while I am driving to Hanover.  Great timing Richelle and hi back to your Mom...I am doing is appearing  on Friday and not Saturday as in that of last week.

Now this week's blog is commemorating Tiffany Zheng, currently the Head Girl at Heinz Simonitsch (of Samantha J's fame), Montego Bay who received a perfect score in the ACT (36 out of 36), a great harbinger of what is to come as we launch our new ACT classes for this term.  Equally, she pulled off a 2270 on her SAT exam.  Congratulations, Tiffany!  Did you know that Samantha J penned the song "Tight Skirt" while in classes at Heinz Simonitsch?  Tiffany said all classmates knew about this song a year before it hit the soundwaves...the ingenuity of our teens...and of course, she made BET!  The art of being creative!!!!

To one of our law school applicants, we want to say, my, my, my!

Young Ms. Gray has been accepted to:
University of Washington in St. Louis Law School
Cardozo Law School
Univ of Georgia Law School
Washington and Lee Law School......

By the way, she has a full ride to Cardozo!

Mock exams for those sitting the exam on Saturday is 4-9 pm on Friday.  Saw a few take the mock Thursday evening.

Classes are back in session for the new cohort sitting the exam in May!

Yes, I see all the recommendation prompts for all and sundry.  Will get to them!

It is time for those in Lower Six to start the application process to summer school.  Resume enhancer......great going and time to do....


Congrats Chelsea, you made Purnell in New Jersey!  Congratulations!!!!


Complete all CSS, FAFSA, International Student Financial Aid Forms now.....

Try to register for all SAT exams early.  Good luck tomorrow on whichever SAT exam you are doing.  Bring tickets, pencils, erasers, snacks, calculator and prayer (smile)...for all last minute people who studied...

Do not watch deadlines for apps in February and March, submit forms now...


Ever had an authentic Indian breakfast made by an Indian chef?  I mean....real rotis, Indian tea from the foothills of India, coupled Indian style with Jamaican traditional fare with Indian ice-cream?  To the chef and the Thakuranis, I am still full and it is 2 p.m. in the afternoon!  Thanks again...a most gracious invitation....



A Wednesday blog inconveniently written on a Saturday shows a steady decline into old age.  Okay, so I am a realist.  And I had not been prompted by Richelle Newby...and I have my reasons, as always..too busy.

But the wait is well-deserved.  So much to tell, so many tidbits of good news.  So good, that I decided to wait a bit to render all the savoury details.

And thanks Mr. Rowe for the provisions we received in the office, the juicy strawberry watermelon, the more than saccharine sweet cantaloupe, the near perfection for roasting sweet yam and I could continue, thanks.  We enjoyed Christopher's company and we know that the recent outpouring of great news for him, 97% on his sitting of the SSAT was a windfall and an increase of gargantuan proportions.  Congrats, Chris!

But also to Chelsea whom I believe was too nervous on her first sitting.  This is why the earlier one starts one's preparation, the better it is....well, a whopping 95% is glorious.  All that pizza and jerk chicken went a long way.  I love it.  Congrats too, Chelsea.

And did I mention, she made it into Purnell, a great boarding school in New Jersey!

So we can boast for all our SSAT students, these spectacular grades of 99%, 97%, 95%, 93%, 90% - they made the winner's circle.  Good going to one of my favorite classes teaching this year and last.  They had a good laugh while learning, isn't this what it is all about?

Need I mention my little techie from China, Jiarui Tang who madeit into Eaglebrook, his preferred choice.  So happy for him...and I will not share the private joke from our English class which still has Tang laughing till today...thanks to the New Yorker article.  Good going, too, Tang!

I am still not done!  With the good news that is...Christine Lee Fatt has gotten into school number two: Luther High School.  Yaay!  She is quietly reeling all the good ones in....

Let us not forget Rochelle Johnson who has also made it into Havergal!

Our Deputy Head Boy of Ardenne wins a trip to Mexico and his project wins top award for a Jamaican high school.  Good show, Nicholas!  And for all Mom's quips about your doing too much and neglecting school work, well, this is a pyrrhic victory!

I applaud all ventures!

Now, our former Campionite, Shanique Bailey, currently at Havergal in Canada has gotten into one of Canada's top 5 universities, Queen's College.  Hip, hip, hurrah!

Tidjan Simpson, currently at Florida International University, has made the Honor Roll, fly the flag high!

Better news:  Western University in Canada, a premier Canadian institution, has three spots for Caribbean students of a high academic pedigree, awarding $50000 annually.  Get out of here!

Need I mention, my students at Fisk University have all gained top billing as student leaders and are making their presence felt whilst racking up top grades?

Pictures forthcoming.....and steeped in an historically Black university and absorbing all the mythic black culture we have missed in our history books here (smile)...

Ooooh, flying the Versan flag high and representing.....Jamaican ambassadors!

See you all next week.   And all hail St. George's sixth form, what a great session.  See you all soon!



Hi readers!

Do I know I am a day late?  Absolutely!  Do I know that folks are awaiting news thus far?  Of course....But between Monday and Wednesday of this week, I saw my alums from boarding schools to universities trundling in to give me their latest news, upgrade me on new issues at their schools, and some I think had flights delayed from the "Polar Vortex" and thus headed in to see the "ole teach" ...I was most grateful.  That goes for you Jason in wintry Minneapolis at St. Olaf and thanks again for speaking with the class, most needed.

The stories were incredible.  I heard about cheerleading exploits and lives mapped out from Freshman year to Senior year by adept advisors.  I heard about 4.0's and the tears for the 1 B earned.  I heard abut the leadership exploits by those who learnt to "lean in" and be "recognized by the universities they were attending.  I heard about the gallant efforts of my many past students who took their notes at the Farewell Ceremony held every year and who held on and acted on my 19 years of experience for their well-being and benefit.  Thank you, my troops and march in in your sub-zero temperatures...and continue to fly the Versan flag high.

I adore all of you and am most proud.

And for those who missed your fried fish and oxtail...well...I will have those ready for the summer when you return to wish this group applying for Fall 2014 Bon Voyage......on that note, here is my acceptances for the last few days that have been slowly trickling in....


Christine Lee Fatt - Luther College (Boarding School)

Saffia King - California College of the Arts

And so they roll in, I will be advising!

Pictures coming up shortly of one young lady, Raisa Demetrius of St. Andrew fame, Swim Team and Entrepreneur extraordinaire, who came in and did a miraculous job of relating to me for two hours all that she has accomplished in her first freshman semester at College of Wooster.

I will forward a picture of her Mom and her from that fateful visit yesterday in my office.  And Raisa, thanks for keeping the weight off....and maintaining a buff and fit physique, not overdoing the junk food so easily accessible overseas...


SSAT, GRE and SAT resume this Saturday, see you all there.



Happy New Year....

Glad to hear about those 1800 and 1900 scores....but to Tiffany for the 2270...great New Year's gift.

I will see all and sundry back in the office..

Glad to be leaving the wintry city of New York..and hey, Miley Cyrus isn't that bad after all....

Great scholarships and placements to all.




And oh yes, the mail I collected for school applications are all off.....

SSAT, continue reading.

GRE, rally your applications.

GMAT: Practise, practise, practise.

LSAT:  Sigh, we await results...

SAT: Well, there is Jan. 25th...and those without grades, today is the last day to register for any future exams.

Judah and Micah, the problem will be solved.

Thanks Ms. C.Lee Fatt, just adorable!

And I am off in New York's frigid cold.  We will talk next year!  We had a great one!

And do note SSAT, Marianapolis is coming to interview between January 13-18, 2014.



It is the week when we close down shop and announce the days when we will be open and closed.

I have to reminisce....not just on Tessamania, but on many other this Yuletide season, we have much to be thankful for, we have seen crime escalate beyond the norm, as students, you still persevered and came out to classes...we saw many traffic accidents and lost many souls, yet many came from long distances and made it not only to class but also to the National SAT exam.

We have many Chinese immigrants  and longtime Asian residents of Jamaica who have been vandalized, mocked, ridiculed, sabotaged because they are Chinese in Jamaica.  We have our fair share of Chinese clients, sometimes we do not even understand without an interpreter on hand (their own children), yet from the core of Jamaica, Tessanne Chin rises to not only represent the Asian community but all of Jamaica.  Let us give thanks that we understand, "Out of Many, One People"...and so we become true ambassadors abroad and not just here on the Rock.

Valuable Moral lesson?  Sometimes we have to get a bit of the global to make it local.

So will we now all rise to the occasion and complete these applications and get them all in by Monday December 23rd?

We congratulate the Montego Bay kids who did a miraculous job of getting their mail in on time.  To Rochelle Walcott, Hamish Hayden, Dora Lai, Phillip Morgan, Athenia Phillips...all for abiding by deadlines.  But for the late ones, please get them note that there are those with extended deadlines, but for the January 1 deadlines, please get them all in by Monday.  For others, the mailbag continues every week.

The question of the day is "What do we put in these packets?"  Well, for one, we have the International Financial Aid forms to submit, art portfolios, resumes, copies of CSEC or CAPE and other alternate letters of recommendation.  We do know that there are many online forms, but most importantly, there are these tidbits to mail in....

CSS Profile needs to be completed.  FAFSA in January for the American students among us...and of course...once all have been submitted, we start to look at the external scholarships....

Let us get the show on the road.


Classes for SAT and SSAT continue throughout the holidays.  Call in and get your dates and hours.

The office is open this week and next on these dates: Dec 23, Dec 24 (9-2).  We are closed from Dec 25-26.  We reopen on the 27th, 28th and 29th, 30th and open half-day on Tuesday the 31st .

On the 2nd of January (my niece's birthday), we resume with the SSAT students' Mock exam, where we will see this cohort of students take the exam on January 4th at AISK.


Russell Henlin - Lakefield School in Canada (Boarding School)
Justine Murray - Drake University (College)
Delroy Fong - St. Michael's College (College)
SUNY: Buffalo (Graduate student)
Kirkland Houston - Fanshawe College (Canada)
Deidre-Ann Burrell - Georgetown University (College)

Ain't this a peach!  Versan on the roll.

Tomorrow, look out for the blog.  We have some students from Fisk University flying the Jamaican flag high.  Their pictures will be posted tomorrow.  And Jason Murray, stop with the Beyonce craze!!!



As it rains solidly outside, I commiserate about missing the blog last week.  I missed it because i was so busy coordinating three groups sitting an exam: SSAT, SAT and LSAT.

So it was an unholy alliance testing my patience ....but as I know this weekend is going to be even busier with folks rushing to catch THE MAILBAG and already asking how to write up an envelope for mailing, I say BRING IT ON, I have been taking my vitamins....and (Keno, I cannot find your recommendation letter, nor any transcript for Richelle)

Because I know this is OPEN SEASON, when school closes and all and sundry invade the office for last minute details...and bcause I know most will not be ready for the December 15th deadline...and because I know the midnight oil will burn

So here is the schedule for classes and just to let everyone know that we will have extended hours for the season...some sorrel, some Xmas cake, maybe cookies, if you are good...very good.


SSAT Classes: Dec 14, 17, 19, 21, 28, 29 and Jan 2 and 3 for Mock Exams.

SAT: Classes Dec 14, 21, 28, Jan 4, 11, 18 (Mock exam)

GMAT: Dec 12, 19, Jan 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30.

GRE: Dec 14, 21, 28, Jan 4, 11, 18, 25 and Feb 1 (Mock exam)

Do call in for your times.  And these are for those testing early January, late January and early February.

We are dazed by the overflow for SSAT, but working everyone hard for those 90 percentile scores.


So, we have our early acceptances!

Kirkland Houston - Fanshawe College (Canada)


University of Buffalo for our darling GRE student......

So we have started early and awaiting  a few others......but we honestly like Regular Decision as we need financial aid!!!!!

December 15 is when we expect to see all applications....extensions are for the birds.

Those waiting on great scores, well, do note that the applications are due by Dec 31.

The mailbag leaves Versan's office every Friday for North America.  The packages each are JMD$700, if heavier in weight than 1 lb, additional charges will be incurred.

Look out for our Christmas Greetings in this Sunday's papers....

Great news coming for our expansion modes:  Miami, Atlanta, St. Mary's in St. Lucia and we roll out...better dust off my Spanish.



I am blushing, in my chocolate covered face...this accolade sent by one of our Boarding School representatives, Caroline Blaum of Oldfields, has knocked my tiring day in Montego Bay through the asteroids and beyond intergalactic travel zones.  Whoopee!  Ensconced in the finest language, I am humbled...we at Versan are humbled...and hey, Jean, Ms. Calder sends her true testament and said you were remarkable on the day of the Boarding School Fair.

Read away, folks!

And by the way, the sandals are hers and I believe this shot does not make it appear we were idling on the beach, we were truly working and interviewing kids!


Stevie Edwards, our Versan employee, giving a gift of a computer to Tarrant High School.

 My dear Aniesha Khemlani (to the right), now a senior at Duke University, is standing beside the indomitably wealthy Warren Buffett...who hosted these bright seniors for lunch in his hometown of Omaha, Nebraska.  Versan students at large!!!!!
At Ardenne High School, the computer they won for having the largest contingency at our Recession-Proofing Seminar in September...Go Ardenne!!!!

Dear readers...these accolades keeps us glowing beyond words and Caroline, we bow gracefully.  And say thanks....



We must give thanks for the SSAT grades.  Go Hakeem, we love the 98% and Sarita, 93%...and our 9th grader Yashika with 80%, Gabrielle, 88% and I could keep going.....the favorite group exceeded my expectations.  Congrats......

But woe unto us, the Financial aid folks have decided to cut the financial aid form to tomorrow night, November 21, 2013.  Unheard of......All parents who have not done their PFS must now move to do so....

Here are a few pictures of the Boarding School Fair in St.Lucia, Mobay took the largest crowds, compliments of Mt. Alvernia and Mobay High School for Girls....and St. Lucia, oh nice!!!!!


Congrats Annie Zhou...on your 170 score outof 180 for your Law School go, girl!!!!!


From Julia Morgan of Dana Hall fame, "Ms. Bramwell, you had the most wonderful students, poised, confident and beautifully decked out..."  "I will be back next year...."

Havergal made mention of a few girls.  They should check with me for a listing of their names....


Lydia Webster, currently on a full scholarship at Episcopal High School, is starring in a production that you will see below (currently in 9th grade) and she is wearing the brown dress....oh and we congratulate her on her full blown A average there.

Here is Lydia in her theater production at Episcopal High in Virginia.
Justin and his co-pilots at Florida Institute of Technoogy, we miss you.
Here is Caroline getting her table ready for the St. Lucian students at Auberge Seraphine.

Jeff Armes of Deerfield taking on a spirited St. Joseph's Convent 10th grader at the St. Lucia fair.
And Charlie Chaplin, again......for all those who need to resit again...twirl that baton, pluck up your courage and do your best...yet again....

See you next week.

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