Versan is spearheaded by a woman, an Amazon at that....descendant of a 287th year old high school-Wolmer's Girls, Amazons are known as the strong, independent types who live fearlessly, learn bravely, aid selflessly and usually show men that we are not quite the subservient types who remain barefoot in the kitchen and unable to aspire to great heights.  We "lean in" and conquer.....

So to Nadia Hanna, former Wolmerian who leant in and was an amazing real estate developer and entrepreneur, bravo Amazon to a life well-lived, former Wolmerian.

To Justine Murray, former Head Girl of Wolmer's, off to UPenn, we are ecstatic for yet, another Amazon!

To Julia Foote, Valedictorian at Hillel and 43 on her IB exam results, we say to this Amazon headed to Pomona in California, job well done.

Hip, hip, hurrah to the Amazonians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This Friday, I meet with the Montego Bay clan for their information session.  Good to be back on second home soil and to wish the Montegonians well.

This Sunday, it is time for Kingston and we meet at the Blue Room, Mona Visitor's Lodge, 4:45 p.m. for our Information Session.


The office will be closed from August 1-6.  We resume on the 7th.  So read during that period.


Welcome.  Now, get to work.......we like our bragging rights, you know....



As I sojourn through Tampa to the OACAC conference, for overseas Counselors, I totally see that this has become an oversubscribed conference and happy to see that China has  increased the number of its participants.  I am also deliriously happy to meet someone from  Sudan, Venezuela and El Salvador.

This is a exponentially evolving segment in the education industry.

Last week I forgot to honor my last placement for boarding school - Christopher Rowe, who made it to Hawaii Prep on a great scholarship. Whew!  For someone with a 97 percentile, this is a welcome relief.

I realize everyone is going to the embassy and getting their student visas, not a problem thus far....

And summer classes have kicked off....welcome to a good start with most classes complete.

And did my German team disappoint, huh? Huh?  Take that, Brazil!  I know, harsh, but I did say from the beginning, that this was not the team of Kaka, Ronaldo, Pele.....

Have we adjusted to our new space, loving it, but who has taken away my shine?  Nothing but the tuck shop!  Imaginate!

To Julia Foote, who made Valedictorian of Hillel, received a top score of 43 in her IB exams, heads to Pomona University this Fall, so proud of you.

To Joshua, Nicholas, Zara, Ashley, Geana, what great interns.

Glad to hear Calvin and Lamar (St. George's fame) are loving their new college digs, the concept of studying overseas....yeah guys....make the most of it....

As we say goodbye to Mr. Morrison, he has done so much for our growth.  We thank him tremendously for finding our new space, allowing us to cut the fat, keep the doors open,  and given us the hubris to grow from strength to strength.....thank you from all of us at Versan.

Last but not least, we have  the website finally coming into being...can you imagine?  So much reconstruction...

I will attend the funeral of Ms. Hanna this Friday well, Nadia Hanna, you were and remain a great friend of Versan.



While we bask in the riveting and dazzling registration drive...doors open and ribbons cut with dear interns for the summer, weddings of past students (Jaime Yap and Sandy Lee)...yes, they are both Versan babies...and did I dance my feet off.....even Mr. George Habib had to ask, I did not know you were so light on your feet...Ms. Bramwell.....hello!?!

And as we bask in our new office space, classrooms and tuck we meet new students, parents and hear the wonderful testimonies that led an obscure name to remember our past deeds and send a new family to our doors...we remember the saying..."when chicken merry, hawk dey near"....OK, Carolyn Cooper, I am using my Jamaican Creole English to a powerful effect.....the hawk drew near and some bad news came our I dedicate this space, this blog to my dear friend, fellow Wolmerian, Ms. Hanna who passed away yesterday.  Before I do, let me signal the chicken merry bit and then end the blog in full reverence of a a great woman....


Congrats to all who took the exam, but to my candy scalawag, George Tomblin Morgan, congrats on your 2390 out of 2400....Brown University is smiling.

To those who took off for summer school: Giselle Gill, Lamar Chang, Calvin Wright, Arianne Kumst and all the others, enjoy summer school....and learn as much as you can...

To my two past students who tied the knot on Saturday...good seeing past parents...felt like a grandmother as the bridal party had all my old students....and some are working on child #2....

Good seeing you Mrs. Messado.....

The website is finally taking definition, to be rolled out in expert hands...finally!

And to all our past boarding school students who are back in office to get college apps wrapped up for next year...good to see you back in the fold, let's get to work.


Ms. Hanna was a dear friend and will always be one to remember.  She followed every Versan blog, article in the dailies and chided any employee at Versan who answered her in a suave manner.  She is an indomitable woman and continued to be our PR wherever she went.

She knew me as a little girl, watched me go to college, oversaw the birth and growth of this company and endeared herself so much to me that I was truly given the responsibility for her grandnephews' academic futures: Naim, Elias and Dimitri.

I will miss my Wolmerian friend....Versan has lost a true Amazon hold a space in our hearts at Versan.  May you rest in peace.  Travel well, my friend...until we meet again.

My sister, Winsome, narrowly escaped death, totaled her car, but managed to walk out of the hospital today when she averted a collision with a cyclist who Tboned her and caused her to crash in a tree....Thank God she is ok as we would have not had our Versan NY posse led by a true leader...

And for our dear confidante who needs urgent surgery, we pray for you and entrust you to the One above to walk with you ...


To our dear Nicholas, we wish him goodbye after three weeks as an intern.  He heads off to University of North Dakota (Aviation)...Stay strong and alert Nicholas, we all love you!

See you next week...and "Thank you, Sandra", as Ms. Hanna would say at the end of every telephone call...



As I bid students goodbye for summer camps and college, (that goes for the Calder girls and their mom-thanks for stopping by....we should have had a photo opportunity).....I am so aware that my candy mug on the table has seen diminishing returns...could it be Scalawag #1 or Scalawag #2?  Scary....

I had promised many pics of my "loco" them all...and student-cum-really unpaid intern....Arianne (who if not mentioned.....the ire of Mt. Everest will come crashing
the way, she has the most angelic smile of them all....)

And then last Sunday, we tried to start our painting of the office walls....whoa, I got caught in the mix!  Maybe best to leave those unflattering photos out.

CONGRATS! To Nicholas Lee who just graduated high school in Chicago and now on his way to college and his younger brother, Jonathan, who heads to Jamaica College.  Sister Elizabeth, all mature, now goes to live off campus (ahem!)



It is summer!

The interns are back.

Nicholas Foo is back...from last summer...quite comfortable amongst all the divas...creating information to prospective clients..and unable to start a Toyota many interns did it take to do it? 5!

We will miss him when he heads out to North Dakota for his aviation degree.

There is Ashley Kumst, fresh from Mercyhurst College...serving as our Girl Friday.  A sure help in need..just an oops moment in glass..but she prevailed.

To Joshua.Butcher..the general in charge from St Andrew's Sewanee school..everyone heeds his dictates as he keeps the office on an even keel.

To Geana-Joie from Alpha's Lower VI, we applaud her for keeping Ms. Bramwell on her appointments...

Last but not least..the Great Zara, the exceptional project planner (currently attending Ms. Hall's in Massachusetts) has done our press release for Youthlink this past Tuesday.  Tremendous job.

Happy to have you all on board.......and Monday, fiery Richelle joins the crew.


Glad to see everyone getting their student visas done.  The calendar we are receiving is early July at the US late comers, hurry up!


We celebrate the new office at the end of June all day., music, food and your good wishes.

See TVJ's Smile Jamaica's Calendar of Events for all details.

Glad to see Shemar stop by the office.  That was a great meeting!



Yes.......summer is about to be here.  Students are concluding all National CAPE and CSEC exams.  They are jumping high in the air and saying....freedom.....but not so fast.

The reality is we are 6 months away from December ...the deadline for all applications...What does that mean?

The summer has to be used to complete one's essays, resume, financial aid forms, study for one's upcoming exams in October and November, do summer sessions to enhance one's resume...and whew!  a new round of work begins.

So for those heading off to schools overseas next really do not have a summer for frolicking!


Good to see Michelle Harrison, who recently completed her Master's Degree at Harvard University. was back in her old consultee's chair to discuss her gruelling year there.  As one knows with Versan graduates, they lead others who have just landed on those shores.

Michelle is about to guide Marian who lands on Boston's treasured soil shortly.....Likewise, Keren Alfred, who just completed her Junior and Senior years at Deerfield Academy and heads off to Brown University is ready to assist Taro Jones who heads to Deerfield to complete his studies.  We see that he will have the proverbial older hand of a Versan alum guide him through.  That's how we do it and keep momentum going....


To Shemar Yap who looked dashing in his suit at The McDuffie School (pictures to be added) - congrats!  He heads to Stevens Institute of Technology for Environmental Engineering.  And to Keren in her beautiful white dress, congrats on making it at Deerfield!


Do check in to see that you have all in tow....before departure.


I see that we are close to the end of July on visa dates, so hurry up, you guys!


The dates were last week Saturday.....ACT is this Saturday.  We will see.......

Pictures anon...Congrats Richelle on getting one step closer.....thanks to Steve our carpenter who will soon have our tuck shop area up and running, as well as the the AC man for great cleaning, the Hughs family for providing great workmen, Shane and the our Versan patrons who offered to assist....oh we give thanks.  Power of the people....Thanks for the book, Rebecca, but your college work starts now.  Let the summer show begin!





We are grateful for all the helpful hands....thanks to the Versan family...people power.  Moving can be so traumatic!

But we are up and running.

We are happy to see the summer interns rolling in...Zahra Williams, who finished her term at Miss Hall's in Massachusetts with a 2100 on her SAT's and a high GPA.

Ariana Kumst who made Tufts University summer program and is Varsity Swimming, Softball and Volleyball at St. Timothy's.

The invasion of Nereese Watson, Rebecca Hugh from Milton Academy and St. Margaret's ...welcome home...

To Fanshawe College coming to visit us at Versan from Canada, next Wednesday at 10 a.m.- welcome.

To Justin Hamilton who passed his aviation test and is now a licensed private pilot.  Go Justin!

To our Mobay student Tahgera Clayton who received a full scholarship to South Carolina State University...

To Jason Lawson who finally opted for the famous Quaker school in Pennsylvania: The George School..

To Iyanda Channer-Newman who got her first financial aid package at West Nottingham....go our Verbal queen...hailing from Manchester High school...

To Christopher Rowe who made it into Marianapolis with funding.....

To those still looking for a summer session, there is the fabulous Ross School Summer Program in Long Island...

Deadlines for the Ross School is July 18.

And summer is officially here....oh boy, and we have a few partitions to get up for classesin July.  Registration is brisk and again, we give thanks.

See you all next Wednesday.....will post pictures when our internet is fully up in office.



So as we wish the old space goodbye at 134 Constant Spring Road, we welcome the new!

As we said goodbye to students at the Farewell Ceremony, it seems this has been the period for much closure.

Parents have attended graduation ceremonies overseas as one batch completed local graduation ceremonies and those overseas do likewise as well.

Here are pictures of the new office space so you all do not get lost.

The Telstar building is there to give you the visual indicator as to where to turn and then we are on the right!

We were also enthused by the audience turnout for the farewell.  Glad they found it informative and quirky, what with the awards section...Liam Neath, your gift is at the office as well as The Thakuranis.  Those who need a list of items for their dorm rooms...come see us....

We should be officially at our new location by June 2.  Phones are the same....

The Farewell Ceremony in full blast!  The "long goodbyes" were explained away for all those doting mothers who do not know how to pull away.



What can I say?

Blame it on moving? Blame it on planning the Farewell Ceremony for students I will see for the almost last-"est" time? Together?

Of course I will see you individually, but not all together!

Next week, we promise you pictures of the new building!

I will miss this group.  Fabulous, they were......sorry to see them go...but what to do?

I keep getting the usual "What do I wear on Sunday?"  Just look elegantly nice....but do not wear jeans, nor shorts...nor tank

We will discuss many things:
Separation issues
Items required for your rooms
Presence on campus
How to make money
How to safe-guard your scholarships...

Need I go on....Be there or be square!  It will be tearful, reminiscent of great things...and my last chance to thank everyone for a year well-spent.

Whether all dots are in place, t's crossed or not, still awaiting decisions, you have to be there!


The dates keep bouncing back and forth.  Some students came yesterday for visa processing and we got July.  Today I got June 3 and 16th.  Go figure, for visa appointments.  So we are bouncing between June and July, May seems to be over.  So get those I-20 forms and we are ready to begin.


As you all know I boast about my alma mater from time to time.  The crest has been raised and thus when you drive past the school on Marescaux road, look left (on the Junior side) and you will see our new crest posted atop the building beside National Water Commission.

Age Quod Agis Wolmer's on your 285th Anniversary.


There are two boarding schools with space and some funding.  Do review :Stanstead College in Quebec, Canada. In Illinois, Lake Forest Academy.


The ones to note are Dr. Maxine Gossell-Williams Basic Medical Sciences camp at UWI, to die for and well loved by students.

The Filmmaking Camp at UWI is also quite interesting.   And who does not want to learn Mandarin at the Confucius Institute?

Just some hints on what to do for build those resumes and do what you like.

To Dominic Chang at WPI who made a 3.7!

To Jaquille Jones at Dartmouth who got a Presidential Scholarship for Film Studies.

David Bailey made Laval University in Quebec and Dalhousie in Halifax.  Go Mobay students.

Ashli McLure made Embry Riddle University.

Siddhant Grover got into University of Chicago Summer Program.

To all my kids who graduated on May the US, molto bene!  The tears at seeing you all accomplish....over 4 years...widwow!  Thanks Dutty Berry....

Here is Naim Habib's photo from his school, WPI for Biomedical Engineering...and to Rushell, and Taniesha and all my Versan students, graduates of 2014-congratulations!  Robyn from NYU Law School....all my delightful kids....Boarding, College and Grad schools, again, holy cow, we all did it: Parents, students and wee old us here.



Jamaica experienced a small shudder of an earthquake.  It portends things to come.  Mexico had a devastating one and we technically rest on the same fault line.

The earthquake is a metaphorical backdrop to our economy, cash illiquidity, state of financial aid for a few, still on a wait list, Pyrrhic victories for others (made it into a good school, minus the aid)....these are the dark clouds hovering for those who started well, aced their exams and have a dreary outlook as we speak.  Have we faced these clouds before?  But of course!  Have we prevailed?  Yes....but not with outcomes we set out to have had at the beginning.

Life unfolded for us, over the years, in incongruent patterns.  We may have received a last minute school to apply to, veered course, rushed in the application and ta-da! We got in with quasi-funding.  Or, parents receive an epiphany and say, let us wait a year, go for a better score and try again...sometimes to even better results...Or we go, do an excellent year overseas, transfer or reapply for aid to a beneficial end....Moral of our lesson, each family will have a different solution to the dilemma.

As for those on waitlists, a Plan B is necessary.

So, in the stillness of the moment, while we wait for the clouds to disappear, we huddle in faith, pray and of course, channel all avenues until we have a "solution" for each family.


Our new address is 2 Goodwood Terrace, Unit 6, Kingston 8.  The phone numbers will remain the same.  Some dust, moving in of furniture for June...but classes will be up and running in July, the start of our summer program.

MidSpring has been our home for a few years....but this move is a better one for the plans afoot and ahead.

We also congratulate Marion Cole's article that made Flair this Monday, we see the family in full gear.  Good show.

Jason Forbes, our comedian of SSAT has made it into St. George's, British Columbia.  All hail Jason!

We congratulate Iyanda on her 89% in Verbal, Josie on her 84% in Math on the recent SSAT results poll.


We said goodbye to "Miss Bets" last Saturday at Covenant Church, HWT.  A nice ceremony, all in pink, her favorite color.

We say goodbye to one of Wolmer's stalwart History teachers, Ms. Mattos, who had taught all my sisters, save me, travel well, Ms. Mattos.

We say goodbye to MidSpring Plaza.

Change is necessary and vital.  These are the seasons of life.  We go with the flow.

To Hakeem, our top SSAT student for 2014 - Congrats!



Good luck to all our students sitting the CSEC and CAPE exams.  Let me remind all of you, that though you have been accepted to your schools, you still must complete meticulously these exams.  They are important in the scheme of things.

Mr. Morrison has just been "on a proverbial roll" with school visits.  Here he is with our last school visit for the season - the girls of Marymount High.  He finished April on a high with Carron Hall, St. Mary's High, Marymount ...and feels he is on a true tour of Jamaica!  But we are just as excited as he with the "March on Schools" initiative.  To Meadowbrook, Eltham High, STATHS, Queen's, Calabar, Immaculate, St. Andrew's, Wolmer's Girls', WBS, Camperdown, Gaynstead, Ocho Rios, St. Jago, Glenmuir, Manchester High, El Instituto de Mandeville, Westwood, Bishop Gibson, York Castle, UWI- Mary Seacole Hall,Tivoli, Merlegrove, Charlemont, St. George's College, Alpha Academy, St. Hugh's....and forgive me if I failed to mention a few....Summer enrollment appears brisk!

HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all teachers and Guidance Counselors we have worked with through the years.....

Hope all went well for the test takers on Saturday past.  Our SSAT results for April were not so bad, save one!  Grrr!  But, we still march on...


Joanna Saddler -School of Architecture, Germany
Jevaughn Jackson - Rider University (NJ)
Justine Braham - Fairleigh Dickinson
Denique Dennis- University of Miami/Queen's University of Charlotte


University of Alberta (Canada) will be in town tonight, Spanish Court Hotel,  7 p.m.  Be there or be square....

Again, I had hoped to include a rose from my garden but I will send it on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Congrats to Calvin Wright who made Head Boy of St. George's College.  He is a part of Team 2400 and I do believe (running goat mouth) that this is a team to beat.  Their dedication and determination is unparalleled.  Where is the picture, Calvin, of the knight's out fit?



Yes, so much much happening...acceptances are still in place.

Boarding Schools

Iyanda Channer - West Nottingham
And our young upstarts took their SSAT test and came out smiling....thank you for the complimentary emails and the fact that you thought it was easier than my tests.  Ahoooa!

And my troopers head to Priory to do their SAT exams this Saturday.  Some need to get into the Reading Comprehension more but overall, it is possible to swing some decent results.  Hit the books guys!

And those for the June exam, remember the final deadline is May 9.

Walcott - University of Toronto

And we hear that our three students from Dominica are accepted to Marianapolis!  Good....

Shanique Bailey chose Vassar!  Yaay!  Julia Foote has decided on Pomona College...another California girl!


I have been invited to Bard University, University of Rochester...four years have slipped by so quickly.  I am grateful that I have been considered...and oh, to the Reid family and the passing of the matriarch of the family, all our condolences.  Your family has been loyal to Versan for years.  May she rest in peace.  And though this news arrived just before graduation....know that she wanted the best for her in all regards!

And my babies have all grown up...I saw Shaun Smithson in the Observer on Sunday, a promising cardiologist who attended Vassar.  How splendiferous....

Our Versan kids continue to fly...


The forms are in...we got them all off, whether by Fedex or by fax.  So all those who applied, look out and expect a call from the Department of Environment.

Thanks, Dr. Ibeanusi for considering us ..those 50 scholarships, 10 for the Master's and 5 for the PhD, still has spaces so those with great SAT scores and wish to pursue a scholarship with the Dept...note that May 15th is right around the corner.


We are coming for the summer.  On our many calls from Mandeville.


So Mr. Morrison has visited St. Andrew Technical, Carron Hall, Queen's, Meadowbrook, Bishop Gibson, St. Mary High, Marymount and he keeps rolling through the hills to fly the Versan flag, march on.....


Looking good - airy, big space.....Good.


May 25th is the day at Mona Visitor's LODGE -5 p.m. Here is where we hand out the list of items for dorm rooms, cultural backdrop to studying overseas, handling the social pressures, et al...


To our two valiant soldiers at St. Mary's - Kristovajay and Ollando.  hear you are true survivors.  Congrats!



Given the spate of calls for the summer classes, we are gearing ourselves for the ride.

We now realize that our space is too small and we will be moving on May 31.  We will be settled in our new digs!

Where?  Not far from present location.  But before we unleash the location, we would love to see our future architects unfurl their designs for the new space.

We have been getting many plans...but the concepts are mind-boggling as to where we go with it all.

The good news is that our downtown project is almost close to midway completion...will fine tune with the Ministry of Education.

Our other service is also gaining ground....job placements after college. Picking up steam....

So all in all, Versan is morphing into a Transformer status and about time...there are other covert plans on the be unfurled.


After sweating and moping for the past few weeks, we can add Mellisha Malcolm to the list.  She made Morgan State and we celebrate with her.

Hooray for Ms. Cameron-Turner of Hampton notoriety, she got into St. Joseph's University.

Christine McDonald of St. Andrew's swooped nicely into New England Culinary Institute.

And our little whiz from Campion has finally decided on Hawaii Prep and their unconventional scholarships of scholarships!

We also herald Yashika Thakurani  came off the financial aid wait-list.  More news anon for the other families.

As we use the next few remaining weeks for the transfer, let us keep our minds on the prize:The Grand Farewell at Mona Visitor's Lodge, 5 p.m. - not to be missed for the next chapter....

We must also pay homage to those who have been with us for several months, were priceless in their service to Versan.  Adieu to Ms. Martin and to our dear driver, Stevie Edwards, unflagging in spirit and devoted to Versan's cause.  We wish you both well.  Vaya con Dios.



So we must say goodbye to one of our earnest interns.  Goodbye Ashli, it was wonderful having you on board.

May the Animation world hold a bright future for you.

And to those who have made their decisions, hooray!  Maia Kumst has finally decided on Bement.  I am happy.

That is a great boarding school....

Kathryn Ho made it onto the Stanford Summer Orchestra...her dream school!

Kenesha Darlington, our former St. Jago student, well, she has been accepted for her internship at Harvard University to do Cancer Research.  Kenesha is currently at Mt. Holyoke on a full scholarship.

Rochelle Walcott made it into University of British Columbia.

Gina Cameron-TUrner went whew! and slid into Drew University.

Natasha Dawkins of Ardenne was accepted into Bridgewater College.

And to all my naysayers about Hawaii Prep and the distance, Sneha Nair just landed a big scholarship and we are oh so thrilled for her.....

So I have a few pictures from my garden to salute these accolades.


Ma 4-9: University of Alberta (top 5 in Canada) is making their first recruitment trip to Jamaica.

They will be visiting Versan to talk to our parents and students, possibly on the 5th.

Also, I have been invited to lunch with an important person from Howard University.  He wants to see more illustrious students from our shore attend!  Around April  23....



I am told by one of our readers that we must not "Hail the Ivys" as they come with many maladjustive behaviors, potboiler scenarios and are not quite the best fit for all...but we know that, don't we?  Always said at our Parent's Seminar, Farewell ceremonies.....but we still think it is worthy of us to commend students who beat the long odds of getting in, whether they attend or not.  So to all, CONGRATS, wherever you choose to go!

It is good to have avid readers.

Many are making decisions.  Finally got, king procrastinator, Taro, to make his shot, he heads to Deerfield!  And Julia has chosen Duke...and yet, many more are whittling down their final decisions...Shanique Bailey - Vassar? Or Amherst? Liam - MIT or Stanford? Decisions, decisions???

Our Alums
To our student Raianne Demetrius: She continues to fly the Versan flag high.  Her GPA went up in the Neurobiology Department at College of Wooster, her Cheerleading Team went Varsity and they have been invited to the Men's Basketball Team banquet....and best of all, she made the Wooster Inn program, so she heads to Greece next May.  It is a program that allows our students to visit different countries....Go #Team Raianne!

Raianne Demetrius, a former St. Andrew's student, is at one of my favorite small liberal arts college, Wooster in Ohio-(great for academics, pre-medecine, swimming, Business, and bagpipes to boot! smile....)
Rebecca Hugh (in the rear) giving a "shout out" from her favorite softball team (in front of Starbucks Coffee) having decimated her competition in Virginia...go figure, Rebecca we did not see this side of you at Campion!  Tell our Dominican student hi from us all in Jamaica, Josie.

On to a few pictures of some of our favorites:

To Marian Cole, heading to Harvard for her Master's in Education.

 To a few of our boarding school stars who managed to secure some full scholarships (Rear: Chelsea Coubry-Forte and Christine Lee-Fatt -TheHockaday School, Chelsea is still deciding)
Front: Taro Jones - Deerfield and Daniel Taylor - Oregon Episcopal...

To a few of our College stars:
Vikram Khemlani (UPenn) and Theon Masters (Macalester)
Left - Julia Foote (Duke), Justine Murray (UPenn) and Gillian-Jo Taylor (Middlebury)
Might I add, these are some of the largest scholarships..go #Team Versan!

And for the hiccup on the radio, during the broadcast at Calabar this morning, blame it on Ms. Randall's nerves!  First time on Public radio.



What do I say?  There are 8 Ivy League universities.  We copped six of them this year....and what a tally we had!

  • Harvard -  Marion Cole
  • UPenn       Vikram Kemlani, Liam Neath, Justine Murray
  • Brown       Keren Alfred
  • Cornell      Kai Walcott, Justine Murray
  • Columbia   Liam Neath
  • Princeton   Liam Neath

How do we say thanks to a great class/

And then we had the Hurrah moments:

Julia Foote - Duke, Georgetown, Pomona, UCLA: Berkeley
Keren Alfred - UNC-Chapel Hill, Pomona, Amherst
Shanique Bailey - Amherst, Vassar, NYU
Liam Neath - Stanford, Colgate
Sheraine Peart - Ringling School of Design
Melody Shum - WPI
Athena Phillips - University of Miami/WPI
Allison McHayle - WPI, LAfayette, Dickinson, GW
Trish-Ann Gillings - Emory, Univof South Florida, FIT, Northeastern, Boston College, Ithaca
Delroy Fong - George Washington
Denique Dennis - FIU/UWI
Theon Masters - Macalester,, Northeastern, Drew, Presbyterian
Kelly Powell - Boston College
Alex Gooden - WPI
Richelle Newby - Purdue / Stevens Institute of Technology
Dominic Shoucair - George Washington
Kristen Bingham - Howard, Nova Southeastern, Truman State, Adelphi
Bianca Lee - Univ of Tampa
Jordana Palmer - American University, Sarah Lawrence, Kalamazoo, Earlham, Univ of Pittsburgh
Aleique Allen - Penn State, Mercyhurst, WPI, Norwich University
Rochelle Walcott - Ithaca, UWI

What can I say?  Such a shellacking and more to come......Guys, you have made your old teacher proud!!!!

Boarding Schools

Jordan Lowe - Fryeburg, Fountain Valley

Law Schools

David Brown - Rutgers University, University of Miami, University of Florida, Univ. of Illinois

Students, I am inviting you for a selfie photo, so we can unleash not FORTIS, not Rabalac, not Fortes, but Versan power throughout the media houses.  I think this Saturday, put on your best for the photo we write our articles and do an early breakfast for you all, listen out for that call.

As for the SSAT meeting held on Sunday, it was a great affair.  We have also sent out details to those who could not make it.  As far as I am concerned, it is visa time, financial aid review time, and all other plans on board.  And the SAT crew, yes, we did it.  For those who missed the meeting, we have the hand-outs, so stop by and pick up.

Do not forget this date: May 25.  Put on all parent calendars.  5-8.  Formal affair.  Mona Visitor's Lodge.

This Wednesday was a pleasure to many juicy details, happy faces, great scholarships and a wonderful outcome for hardworking students.

See you all next week.



I need not hesitate...straight to the acceptances.  And tomorrow is a big day.  Those who have not yet heard, do not despair.  Especially if you are waiting on a core group of schools to give decisions.  And if the "fat lady" has sung and you have no other options, please see me for the Round 2 episode.


Tiffany Zheng -            Bentley
Delroy Fong                University of South Florida/Northeastern
Alex Gooden                Rochester Institute of Technology
Allison McHayle          Clark University
Gillian-Jo Taylor           Macalester/Middlebury
Meile Cai -                  Bentley/Worcester Polytechnic/Bryant
Vikram Khemlani -      University of Washington - St. Louis
                                   Northwestern University
Ravene Evans -           University of Jacksonville
Justine Braham -          Rochester Institute of Technology
                                   Howard University
                                   Nova Southeastern University
Shemar Yap                Stevens Institute of Technology
Rochelle Walcott         Dalhousie University
                                   York University
Clenmar Rowe             UWI - Medicine
Shanique Bailey            Worcester Polytechnic
                                    St. Olaf
                                    University of Washington
Justine Murray              University of Connecticut
Julia Foote                     Rice University
                                      University of South Florida
                                      UC: San Diego
                                      Pomona University
Sonia Faulknor               Rutgers University
Dominic Shoucair           American University/Boston University
Esther Park                    UC: Riverside/Irvine/Davis
                                      Cal State: San Luis Obispo
                                       University of Washington
Richelle Newby               University of Washington


Laura Chen                      The Darrow School
Francine/S. Lendor           Oldfields
Francine                          St. Margaret's
Courtnay Henton              North Broward School


The Merlegrove stampede for Versan's news!

Marion Cole                    Vanderbilt University

Like Cranberry Juice ads by the infamous Dutty Berry, "WidWow!  Proud of the acceptances.



So the decisions roll in....and some students have made their decisions.  We were blessed to have several students receive multiple acceptances.  We are now asking them to release all other schools they were accepted to that they choose not to go to.Advise early that you will not be attending.  Some lucky soul is on that wait list and could get off even earlier....(smile).

Those on financial aid wait-lists, but accepted, your day is coming soon.

The few who were on wait-lists, you know what to do...and if you don't, give me a call.

March 30 is the big day for all parents and students accepted to boarding schools.  We will meet to discuss visas, classes to be selected, laundry details, pocket money details, health insurance, payment plans, acculturating to the boarding school culture...and much more.  Past boarding school parents will be present.  They can provide us with invaluable insight...I know it is a Sunday evening and if I am not mistaken, we start at 5 p.m.

Don't miss it!


Winston-Salem, North Carolina was cold.  Friendships, networking and good food was the order of the day with over 300 boarding schools in attendance.


So we have our dear Liam Neath (my fellow Chronixx lover) who gags the big Special mention award for MIT, COLUMBIA and UCHICAGO.  Go Liam!  All those essays we pored over for weeks.....and the financial aid details...all to a good end.  Might I add he is our first to be summoned to Columbia for a special scholarship interview to add to what has already been a stupendous award...

And to Hakeem Angulu who has earned the Headmaster's Award, copping over 12000 more in aid on what was a huge award.  We love all those free frequent miles you were offered Hakeem to Choate Rosemary!

And yes.....both boys hail from Campion.  So Ardenne confers back the MIT title to Campion.  But still in the legacy of Versan's reign at MIT for 15 years of placing students there.

To Justin Hamilton in the picture who has made a 4.0 GPA this semester, who was accepted as a Resident Assistant, (90 applied and 16 accepted), who also passed stage check flight today and attached a picture of the sunrise before his flight this morning...we say, love you Justin and see you in the summer!  Keep flying the Versan flag high!

Dr. Victor Ibeanisu of FAMU is here to discuss scholarships to his university this Friday at Versan - rfrom 6-8 p.m. (Classroom)


We have Gaynstead and St. Hugh's this week.  Gaynstead was a delight.  They listened, learnt and understood their options.


Liam Neath - Columbia, MIT, Wesleyan, UChicago
Sherice Bramwell-Hofstra
Matthew Munro - Howard University
Hamish Hayden - Lawrence University
Kamoya Kidd - Kutztown University
Dominic Shoucair - University of Miami, Northeastern
Taj Atkinson - IIT/RIT


Christine Lee-Fatt - The Hockaday School
Laura Chen - St. Johnsbury
Giovanni Hui - St. Johnsbury
Jordan Royer -McDuffie/Blue Ridge
Dejaun Charles: Cheshire/Blue Ridge
Shernirah Lendor: Christchurch/Montverde
Francine Pascal: Wayland

Congrats to the last 4 students who hail from the island of Dominica under Mr. Pascal's guidance.

See you all next week with more news on the blog.  Remember that the opportunities presented to us may not be so evident at the start, breathe deeply and allow the flow to be as easy as Sunday morning, then let time reveal its true purpose.  You are supposed to be right where you are.  You will see.....



I have left the ship to visit the Boarding School fair in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.  I am surrounded by hundreds of schools.  I am enthused about all the heads of Admission.  I am relieved when I am greeted by all these smiles.  We must be doing something right.

The decisions have filed in.  I am happy that we enjoyed a 96% percent placement for our boarding school group.  What a great group.  Where do I start with all these acceptances?

Even those who joined us late, made it in....Geez!  We are truly blessed this year.  And more so, we were equally surprised by the grants.


Romario Dunn - Hebron Academy/Cushing Academy
Taro Jones- Deerfield Academy and Cushing Academy
Alexandra Calder- Dana Hall
Christine Lee Fatt- Cushing and The Hockaday School and Oldfields
Gabrielle and Sarita Chen- Cushing Academy
Oren Palmer- Oregon Episcopal
Hakeem Angulu- Cate and Choate Rosemary
Giovanni Hui - St. Andrew's Sewanee
Kyle Ip - Bachman Academy
Janice Wang- Lake Forest Academy
Jada Prendergast - Rothesay Netherwood
Sydney Smith- Cushing
Daniel Taylor- Hawaii Prep/ Oregon Episcopal/Marianapolis

And we are not done yet...

College Placements

Delroy Fong- Marquette University
Kirkland Houston- Humber College
Karen Alfred- Smith College/ University of Rochester
Shari Patterson - Emory University, Univ of Minnesota,  univ of York
Tiana Reid - FIU/St. Michael's College
Aaron Liu- RIT/George Mason
Taj Atkinson- IIT/RIT
Matthew Blake- Hampden Sydney
Dominic Shoucair- Northeastern

And now for the big our fiercest award..for her doctoral degree...

Marion Cole - Harvard University Graduate School of Education

And we are not done yet......keep reading next week....
This is Bluegrass Music in North Carolina.

With my friend Matt from The Woodhall School

Art at Salem College Arts Center

My tour guide at Salem Academy.  She is from Zimbabwe

My Alpha girls!



As Jamaica takes a well-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the financial wear and tear  in Jamaica.....I have decided to add pictures from my garden suggesting God's handiwork....subtly hinting that despite the letters of rejection or acceptance that we receive, "every little thing is gonna be alright."

Last week we mentioned our Yashika Thakurani of Westwood who was accepted to St. Margaret's and we give thanks for her Financial Aid package.  Another humdinger of a scholarship.

I see Tion Barnaby breeze into my office at 6 pm...and I wondered, what went wrong now?  A few weeks ago, he thought we had not managed to get his application packages in.  But miraculously, this week he was smiling.  He had made it into the MBA program at Thunderbird.  One of the most formidable programs in Arizona ...and despite the glut of MBA's on the market, he hit it running with a punch..also a whopper of a scholarship.  Denise Martin, our ancillary worker, so used to seeing Tion at 6 in the evenings when she is cleaning, was there to hear the celebratory news.

And would you know University of Rochester has invited our illustrious student Liam Neath to fly up for the Renaissance scholarship.  Our Versan students have won this four times, a scholarship valued at $75000 annually.

And miracles of miracles, I have two past students, the Lewis siblings, one in New Zealand and one in the US completing their PhD programs.  And Mom is a Professor at the renown Florida A&M University.  The irony is that the Versan network goes far and wide.  A team will be visiting to offer 50 scholarships to students pursuing the sciences, undergraduate and graduate.  The past students had a hand in all of this.  With scores above 1800 and GPA's of 3.0 and up, one of these full scholarships has your name written all over it.  We will be ready to show them potential students for 50 scholarships.

One other thrilling bit of data is that one of our dancers seems to be getting an early nod from Deerfield Academy.

And Caroline Blaum has placed one of my favorite girls at the top of the pile at Oldfields.  We will on this reflective day, we look at the glass half-full.....

And we cannot hope to top that bounty of a

The sole bad news is that I have failed to fall into my exercise routine.  Shame.  And not done my crossword puzzle for the day.

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